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Ash, Brandy and Pablo flee as Kandar The Destroyer, a 60 ft demon, emerges from the ground. Pablo is able to get Kelly's body as they make their way back to the house.

On the news, Pablo finds that the evil has been unleashed on a global scale. Ash breaks down stating that he never wanted this life and that he's doomed the world. Brandy is able to inspire Ash to own who he is and that he is the savior of humanity.

With Ash's newfound will to fight, they prepare a last stand against evil. They plan on getting Kelly's body to the cellar of the store to restore her soul from the rift. Pablo is able to get Kelly there safely, as his Brujo power allows him to go undetected from the evil.

Ash and Brandy head through the sewer to avoid the chaos on the streets. However, they find that it is no safer as they are attacked by a swarm of Deadites, but they are able to escape and reach Pablo.

With time running out and the rift closing, Pablo decides to go in himself while Ash and Brandy fend off Deadites. Pablo re-emerges from the rift just as it closes behind him. Kelly is resurrected and the four leave the cellar.

Upon their return to the streets, they find the military has arrived, but they are quickly overrun. The military begin an extraction with Kelly, Pablo and Brandy, but Ash stays behind. After a teary farewell, Ash sets out to face Kandar.

Ash commandeers a tank and drives up to Kandar ash he duct tapes the Kandarian dagger to a missile and loads it into the cannon but does not fire.

Kandar picks up the tank and just before it can crush the tank, Ash is able to get the cannon to fire, as the dagger is shot into Kandar's chest.

Kandar dies but lands on the tank. Ash survives and is pulled from the wreckage by an unseen person wearing a Knight of Sumeria ring. At an undisclosed location, Ash is sedated and placed in a sleep chamber.

Some time later, Ash awakens and finds that he has been given an android hand. He is greeted by a robot named Lexx, who reveals that the world is now in ruins.

Ash asks about his daughter and friends, but does not receeve an answer. Lexx shows Ash his fully decked out armor upgraded Delta as she mentions the Dark Ones are on the move.

They jump into the Delta and when Lexx asks Ash how he feels, he responds: "Groovy."

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Pablo: This is it Ash. Everything that's ever been foretold: The Necronomicon, your destiny, it all comes down to this moment. It's the final test Jefe.

[after Brandy kills a Deadite] I've never been so proud.