Lilly and Brutus - Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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The girls tell Brutus about The Guardian, and he tells them it's a stroy monster like Santa Claus.

Christine and The Guardian arte discussing his final form, and he is hungry.

Lilly still wants to cultivate her friendship with Candace, but Astird makes it difficult.

A new student joins their school, and everyone immediately thinks hes gorgeous.

The new monster appears and makes its first kill.

Astrid and Lilly head to Brutus who explains to them the monster's reproductive tendencies.

Brutus wants to attend their school fair.

Play rehearsal doesn't seem to go as well as planned.

Lilly wants Astrid's help to find the monster, but Astrid coninues making out with Sparrow instead.

Later at the school fair, Lilly is angry at Astrid for blowing her off for Sparrow.

Astrid wants to find Lilly a boyfriend, and Lilly reveals that she's crushing on one of her "lady friends."

Astrid is extremely excited and wants Lilly to go for it.

Principal Varshidi is not pleased with Christine's abstinence booth at the school fair.

Astrid and Lilly find the monster, but its not the right monster (there are two parts to this beast).

Lilly drop kicks it and they knock it out.

Christine has sex with Tate's dad in her absitence booth!

Astrid and Sparrow start to get it on.

Lilly and Candace talk about their lives, and Candace kisses her!

Christine leaves the fair all messed up from the sex, and finds Lilly trying to get the orb to work.

Meanwhile the monster, the new kid Tristan, takes care of his 3 growing eggs.

Astrid and Sparrow are cuddling in their very spacious back seat after their sexy times.

Lilly messages Astrid about them killing the wrong monster.

The girls learn from Brutus that the monster is actually the new kid.

They corner tristan and put the giant condom back on him, but the eggs are starting to hatch.

They save the students, which means no one died!

They smash the eggs.

Brutus sees a giant stuffed unicorn and takes it, completely anamored.

Candace clearly likes Lilly, and Lilly doesn't want Astrid to find out.

Christine tells the Guardian about Astrid and Lilly and their orb, and he isn't worried about them, but does want to stop them.

Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

The Guardian: Finally
Christine: Oh My! I had no idea that your final form would be so magnificent!

Astrid: I know I screwed up, I'm still trying to figure out this whole having a boyfriend thing. I'm sorry for being a mega-turd.
Lilly: It's fine, just forget it. We have a creepy egg monster we have to kill.