Astrid and Lilly On The Case - Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Principal Varshidi arrived early and set up some donuts.

The monster entered him and possessed him, causing him to have a weird personality.

He approaches a student and gives him a compliment, less than a minute later, that student's head explodes.

Astrid and Lilly find that their school has a police presence, and they investigate why.

They find the brains and blood splattered all over the boy's locker room, and Lilly throws up.

The principal-monster hybrid also infects the policeman helping out.

Lilly offers to help Candace with her bio, and Sparrow and Astrid get into an argument about their relationship.

Astrid and Lilly head to Brutus, who tells them that the monster affects its victim's egos until their heads explode.

Lilly finds out that the tattoos are a "youth-group thing," while Astrid finds out that the possessed person is Varshidi.

The girls figure out that insulting a person may get their heads to not explode, which gets green juice thrown all over them.

The dumb cop thinks that the brain pieces are mold.

Astrid retrieves a sedative that will help them defeat the monster, while Lilly gets a little too into insulting people.

They enlist the help of Tate to insult everyone and get their egos down while the girls figure out exactly how to defeat the monster.

Candace, after getting along smashingly with her Romeo co-star and bio tutor, broke up with Tate.

Astrid and Lilly manage to sedate the wrong man.

Finally, Val gets called to the office, and Lilly wants to protect her.

Val was unable to be affected by the monster, so Astrid and Lilly hire her talents to help them lure Varshidi into a trap.

As they wait for Brutus, they console each other about their shortcomings.

Brutus drops off the stuff they need for the exorcism then promptly leaves them to it.

They used all the materials to no avail, then learn they need to start insulting the monster to get it to go.

The possessed demon gives them hints about "the guardian."

They retrieve the toenail and defeat the monster.

Everyone snaps out of their infectedness, and things go back to normal.

Christine kills Tom, her fellow church goer by sending him to get attacked by the "guardian."

Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Lilly: Everyone with an ego is in danger of exploding. You're our best shot of keeping everyone safe.
Tate: Because I'm like a protector type?
Astrid: Because you're a dick!

You are so pathetic you couldn't even get Val? Every monster gets Val.