We All Need You Alive - AWAY Season 1 Episode 2
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Ram is on a Livestream to India, while Kwesi does one for the United Kingdom. Lu is video chatting with her husband and son; then, she does a Livestream for China.

Lex is staying at Melissa's home. In the morning, she meets her daughter, Cassie, before getting ready to see her dad at the hospital.

At the hospital, a nurse is checking on Matt after his surgery.

Ram and Emma set up the ship's solar panels while communicating with Ground. There is an issue with one of the panels.

The crew discusses the issue with the panel only partially deployed. Misha is sure they need to spacewalk to fix the panel since it is mechanical, but Emma and Ram want to wait for orders from Ground.

Emma video calls Matt just as his doctor reviews his neuro vitals.

Emma tells the crew that she and Misha will have to do a spacewalk to fix the solar panel.

At the hospital, Matt and Lex watch a news segment about the spacewalk. 

Ram, Misha, and Emma review the plan for the spacewalk.

During a flashback, Misha creates a puppet for his daughter as his wife looks on.

As Ram and Lu prepare for Emma and Misha to spacewalk, Mei at Mission Control speaks to Lu privately.

Misha video calls his daughter to ask for her forgiveness.

Emma video chats with Matt before getting ready for the spacewalk. 

Lex told Matt she went to a friend's, but she went home for the first time after Matt's stroke. Emma calls Lex. 

Ram, Kwesi, and Lu help Misha and Emma decompress and suit up for the spacewalk.

Melissa visits Matt at the hospital.

Emma and Misha talk about trust before their spacewalk, then, they go out into space.

While spacewalking, Emma and Misha stop because of an electrical situation. They must stay still while Ground works the issue.

Lex goes back to the hospital, and Matt comforts her.

Emma and Misha plan to get around the electrical problem to get to the panel.

Misha throws Emma to the panel so she can fix it. Emma unclips herself from Misha and the ship to get to the panel's problem.

Once she attaches herself, she gets to the problem. While fixing the panel, Emma loses her hold and falls back, losing her tool.

Misha makes a long tether to rescue Emma. Once he reaches her, Emma pulls herself back to the panel and unclips herself again, holding onto Misha.

Once Emma and Misha are safely tethered to the ship, Ram deploys the panel, which is now working.

Emma and Misha return inside to the ship's airlock. While waiting, Misha tells Emma that he asked his wife's spirit to look out for them while spacewalking before they went outside.

Lex tells Matt she did not go to her friend's but went home instead.

During a flashback, Misha returns home to his wife's funeral. He comforts his daughter and promises never to leave for space again.

Later, Emma video calls Matt and Lex. Then, Emma joins her crew for a toast. Ram is upset at Emma and Misha for their risky behavior during the spacewalk.

Emma goes to lie down and imagines Matt with her. 

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AWAY Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Listen to me. It's just you and Misha out there. Plans don't matter. Mission Control doesn't matter. You gotta work together. You know what's right, and you keep looking ahead, find that next hold.


Misha: Look, I did nine EVAs. Trust me; I know what I'm doing. We shouldn't have any confusion about who is in charge out there, okay?
Emma: We have confusion in here; why wouldn't we have it out there?
Misha: Because you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Lu and me, none of us would.
Ram: You know you really need to start treating her like the commander of this ship.
Misha: She proved in the first days of mission she's not fit commander, so relax, and don't tell me who to treat like what. You have no idea what I had to sacrifice to get here.