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  • Jenna has a decision to make, but before she does she imagines some what if scenarios wondering what would have happened had she told Matty and Jake upfront.
  • In the first what if, Jenna tells Matty she doesn't want to be a secret. Matty introduces her as his girlfriend and Jenna ends up being one of the popular girls who burns her friendships and Matty.
  • The second what if has Jenna telling Jake about her history with Matty. Jenna becomes clingy with Jake and ends up pregnant and alone.
  • The third what if has Jenna no going to camp and hooking up with Matty. Matty and Jake come out of the closet for each other and become a couple.
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Awkward Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

I am far too hot to be a grandma.


Camp levels out the playing field. Imagine if you guys had hooked up or had sex in a closet or something? Boy this year would be different.