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  • The entire school is rooting for Team Matty or Team Jake while hating Lacey and her letter.
  • Matty and Jake reconcile after watching a French film. They decide to be honest with each other, and they each profess their love for Jenna. They ask Jenna who she's going to choose.
  • At home Lacey is getting calls from people who harass and bully her after they find out about the letter. Jenna tries to reassure her that she is a good mother.
  • Kevin tells Jenna that he constantly walked out on her and Lacey because Jenna would always fuss and cry when he held her. Lacey taught Kevin a song she made up to soothe Jenna. Jenna sings the song to Lacey to help calm her down.
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Awkward Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

The day I wrote it my mother laid into me telling me that I wasn't raising you right, and instead of tuning her out I tuned her in. And I did what I never wanted to do I attacked you the way she has always attacked me, and it wasn't right or fair it was just a family pattern that I couldn't break.


Kevin: When we were young I did and said a lot of awful things to her. Things she's forgiven but clearly hasn't forgotten. I wasn't always the best guy.
Jenna: Well let's be real she hasn't always been the best either.
Kevin: I know, but you've got to cut her some slack. Because what you don't know is that I wasn't always around as much as I should have been, and when I was you didn't want me to hold you.
Jenna: That's not true you were the only one who could put me to sleep.
Kevin: ...with your Mom's song. Singing that lullaby was the only way to get you to calm down. She wanted me to be your hero.