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Jenna gives Matty her blessing to ask Bailey to prom, but confides to herself that she was an idiot for messing up the best relationship she would ever have. Jenna wonders how she could have ever thought all the bad karma she put out in the world could be remedied so easily. Jenna reads the book Mr. Hart gave her, and begins to look for more books by the author – only to come to the stunning realization that it’s a pen name used by Mr. Hart

Mr. Hart assigns the few left in his class to write an opus about who they want to be. After the bell rings, he asks Jenna what her sigh is about, and tells him she has no idea who she is or what she wants to be, but she knows who he is. Jenna goes to Val to talk about her unknown feelings for Mr. Hart. Val thinks she’s talking about Matty, and gives her some advice to reinvent herself before the rumors get to her.

Ming, worrying about having sex after prom, tells Jenna and Tamara she’s not ready. They tell her to come with a sexcuse, like she’s tired, sweaty, or on her period.

Jake says Bailey and Matty aren’t going to prom, and Jenna tries to get back to being his plus one. Sadie mentions to Lissa that she thinks her feelings for Austin have grown into love, and Lissa freaks out since Sadie is not a lover.

Jake tells Tamara she always steamrolls him, and in an effort to prove she doesn’t she lets him wear a colored tux to prom.

Jenna tries to get Matty to go to prom with her, but Matty doesn’t want to go and doesn’t want to ask anyone else because Bailey said no. Jenna talks to Bailey, and she tells Jenna she turned Matty down because she didn’t want to lose Jenna’s friendship. Jenna grabs Matty and repairs the damage by making sure they both know she’s okay with them going to prom.

Sadie comes up to Jenna and is amazed Jenna could do her act of kindness with such sincerity. Sadie says Jenna just executed her own chance with Matty. Mr. Hart tells Jenna she needs to write her paper, and he tells her about a man who could write whatever he wanted and the world would love it. After his second novel, this man quits and changes his name. This man decided to take up teaching and teach kids how to persevere and stay in the game, not about quitting.

Ally gives Sadie some tips about sex.

Jenna tries to figure out what to write about, and comes across the carefrontation letter. Lacey comes in with the tailored dress for prom, and sees the letter. She asks to see it and tells Jenna it feels like a lifetime ago. Lacey begins to cry and wonders what she was thinking, and wonders what would happen had Jenna not forgiven her and they had gotten close. Jenna tells her the letter came from a good place, and Lacey tells her it was cruel.

Jenna finishes her paper and goes to prom. At prom, Austin confirms he loves Sadie too. Ming and Fred make peace and decide not to have sex. Jenna and Matty have a dance with Bailey’s blessing. They have a talk. Jenna tells him she hurt him and she didn’t know what she was doing. She didn’t love herself enough to let him love her.

Jenna’s paper describes who she wants to be: someone who forgives, someone who cares about others more than themselves, someone who can tell it like it is, give up everything for the right reason, sees the best in everyone, be a true friend, be a better person, and someone who learns from their mistakes. So she can be the girl that doesn’t need to have a boy to be happy because she’ll know how to dance all on her own.

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Awkward Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Ally: Suck it up, big girls don’t cry.
Sadie: Whore.
Ally: Bitch

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Without the bad days we can never appreciate the good ones, and, there are so many good days coming your way. Just do me a favor, forgive yourself like you forgave me.