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Jenna ends up having afternoon sex with Owen and ends up feeling okay with her decision; until Jenna realizes that she just took Owen’s virginity. Later at school, Jenna and Tamara learn about the phone book, how the rest of the high school rates girls by area code, and find out that they’re not highly rated. Jenna and Tamara, thanks to a little help from Jake, find the phone book in the library, and Jenna realizes that Matty rated her after she recognizes his handwriting.

In an effort to get back at the boys, Tamara makes a phonebook of her own. Collecting all the photos of the boys and hashtagging them with hateful comments, and Tamara uses the senior bonfire to spread their version of the phone book around. Jake helps Matty see why the phone book was such a terrible idea, and uses the senior bonfire to burn it.

Jenna wants to thank Matty for his gesture, but Gabby beats her to it. Jenna goes to see Owen and let him know they can’t date. She wants him to be with a girl that lets him experience all those firsts with together as a couple.

Meanwhile, love is in the air for Sadie as Sergio continues to chase her even after all her negative comments against him. He assures her he isn’t the same douchebag jocks she’s always around, and she needs to let him prove it. Elsewhere, Will is going after Val, and gets a job a Palos so he can be closer to her.

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Seniors, this is our last bonfire so enjoy it even though 50 percent of our class doesn't deserve to live.


They’re also conniving whores who come with a side of herpes. Enjoy you itchy, burning peen.