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Jenna decides to make sure her night with Tamara doesn't end with just broken hearts, so the two decide to head back to Luke's college for some time with real men. They surprise Jake in his dormroom to find another woman on top of him, and Tamara threatens to beat her if.

Luke introduces her as Shane, his gay best friend. 

In county lock up, Jake and Matty try to make their phone calls but both Jenna and Sadie ignore their calls. Jake, meanwhile, soon finds himself unable to deal being pee shy in the clinker. Jenna tries to connect with Luke, but he brushes her off because he needs to study. Jenna soon accidentally locks them on the roof.  

Luke tells Jenna he's on scholarship so he needs to study. Tamara and Shane find themselves bonding, and are soon in the sheets together. Matty tells his life story to a fellow inmate and is quickly told he has great, adoptive parents. Sadie visits and hears the story, and tells them exactly what to do to get out.

Tamara and Jenna go home, and Eva asks Jenna for some help. Eva is outside waiting for them, and she twists Jenna's words around to bring Matty to her side.

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Awkward Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

That bitch ditched? I am going to f***ing kill her.


Shane: Do you just blurt out every offensive thing you think?
Tamara: No, it's actually carefully curated.