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Everyone at Idea Bin is being praised, apart from Jenna, so she tasks herself with digging deep into her old life and she comes up with a story about her and Matty's break-up. She's skeptical whether to use it, but she does. 

She chats with Luke about it who explains that she needed to use it. It goes live at a party the gang have for Jake and it leads Matty to go off on one with her. He argues that she never checked in with him after they split up and that he was destroyed. 

Jenna cries and tries to make things right, but he doesn't want to hear any of it and leaves with Sullie. 

Sadie and Sergio try to get used to being together again, but the two of them now have different kissing techniques and it's causing problems for them. 

Lissa tries to get Jake to move on from the country club because she feels that he needs to grow up, but she breaks things off with him when he takes the country club job back because he doesn't want to move up in the world. 

Tamara meets back up with the man from last week and they continue to flirt.

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