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Jenna's night continues it's descent when her dress catches fire and once again, everyone laughs at her expense. When she returns home, she is grilled by her mother, who wants her to return to the prom, but Jenna declines. After some persuasion, she reluctantly agrees. 

Jenna returns in a summer dress and struggles to find Matty in the crowd. She wonders what is happening when the numbers in the prom dwindlie, but this is because Val is shouting orders at the students, so Cole and his boyfriend host a party in a hotel room, upstairs. There is a liqor and a whole lot of sweaty graduates. 

Gabby and Jake decide to part amicably because they're both going their seperate ways and it wouldn't make sense to try and stick together. 

Matty goes to Jenna's house, but he misses her and is reeled in for a talk from her father. Matty eventually comes clean that he wants to be jenna's dance and he must return. 

At the prom, Kyle tells Matty that he's already been told that he's winning. Matty knows this is all part of a prank and manages to get Kyle to win by grabbing the mic from Val.

Matty and Jenna finally declare their love for each other. 

Sadie is thrown out of prom because she's caught with alcohol and she's banned from graduation.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

No BJS in the bathroom.


Jenna, you're on fire.