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Luke gets Jenna an important interview and she screws it by acting weird. 

The professor sees the good in her and tells her to apply and she gets in. 

She speaks to Luke who tells her that she needs to leave Palos Hills behind and move on. 

She tells her mom, who is very happy for her. 

Lacey then tells Matty and makes it clear if he wants Jenna, he needs to get her now. 

They plan to meet at camp Pookah , but Jenna is forced to go to a dinner with Luke. 

The dinner goes pretty bad and she leaves when Luke argues with her. 

She meets up with Matty and the two of them get back together, with Jenna debating her next move. 

Tamara tells Patrick about her debt and he offers to pay it, forcing Tamara to consider it. 

In the end, she declines as she realizes she can't have people bailing her out. 

Sadie gets put in hospital after crashing her truck when arguing with siri. 

Lissa gets offered to sell her idea, but declines. 

Jake gets a promotion, but he realizes it's time to move on with his life and gets set to move on.

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