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The students are busy clearing up the mess that Theo and Cole caused with the foam and Jenna takes action in order to put a smile on everyone, but it ends in disaster when she pours a bucket of water over electricals and it leads to school being canceled for the rest of the day. The school cheers Jenna on as Valerie announces the news, which leads to Jenna being popular for a change. Matty makes it clear to Jenna that he's pissed off with her. 

Jenna and Tamara head to Jenna's in order to steal some of her parent's alcohol for the beach party, but Val beats them to  the punch and swaps the school for Vicki's banter. When they realize they can't get the alcohol, they head to the store, but Jenna's nerves mess their plan up and they are promptly escorted out of the store. The two of them are shocked when Vicki appears and purchases the alcohol for them. 

Jake and Matty come to blows again, and Matty reluctantly accepts a ride home from Jenna. He is in a drunken state and Jenna puts him to bed and leaves. Sadie continues to bond with her mother, but she is reluctant to let her back into her life. Her mother buys her a car to sweeten the deal, but Sadie pushes to find out why her mother fat shamed her.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Matty: Jenna, I wouldn't.
Jenna: Oh, I would.
Matty: No seriously, Jenna.
Jenna: Fuck.

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Tamara: You're turn.
Sadie: Hell no. I don't do custodial.