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Jenna realizes it's time to come clean to Matty, but she realizes there are several obstacles in their way and every opportunity she gets to talk to him, she can't tell him the truth. 

Lacey comes clean to Jenna about sending Matty on his way in Mexico and she is horrified. In the end, she makes up with her and throws her a party to reveal the gender of the baby and Val shows up and announces she is engaged. 

Sadie goes out with her mom to meet her new boyfriend, but Sadie is less than impressed when she realizes her mother has spun the dude a pack of lies about their life together. 

Matty gets in to college and he speaks to Jake about Jenna and what might happen between them. Jake is less certain than him about it. 

Tamara finally realizes how stupid she's been and makes it clear to Jenna that she doesn't blame her for what went down with Adam. Jenna is happy to have her friend back, but she still feels bad for her. 

Jenna finds out that Lacey is having a baby girl. 

The party cake goes wrong when they can't find the one they want.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Earth to Hamel-tard. You're blocking my way.


Relax, it's not like I'm rushing to tell anyone you're mom's having another little bitch.