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Tamara forces Jenna to have an engagement party for her, even though she's already planned the whole thing. She promises to get rid of her ring by the end of the night, but Jenna gets drunk and totally lets everyone know that the engagement was a sham. In the end, Tamara declares she does actually love him.

Gabby is drunk and tells Jenna that Matty does love her and Jenna wants him to come clean, but he says he loves Jake. 

Sergio warns Sadie that she is too rude to people and must stop it, but Sadie continues to be rude to everyone at the party. 

Jake and Matty finally put their differences aside and make it up. 

Gabby pukes while talking to Jenna and goes missing. 

Jenna has some awkward meetings with her ex who is not over their breakup. He tries to speak to her but she keeps making awkward faces and he eventually calls her out on it, which leads to a big argument between them. 

Matty puts a bit of chicken in Tamara and Andy's wish jar and it leads to everyone laughing at them.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

I'll break up with him in the morning. It'll be better over brunch. A brunch up.


Jenna: Tamara get back here.
Tamara: Take a chill pill, Solange Knowles.