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Jenna's boss put words in her mouth and it made her call it quits with Luke, but he took it surprisingly well and when Jenna is on the phone to Tamara, she finds out about Sadie's birthday party and invite themselves. 

Luke ominously says he's going for drinks, but when Jenna shows up, he's the only co-worker there and they hit it off again. They stay together the whole night and when Matty is ridiculed by Sullie, she still stays with him and realizes the feelings for Matty are gone and she can move on. 

Sadie is upset that Sergio doesn't show up and grabs the nearest guy after a few shots, but Tamara gives her a pep talk. 

Tamara found herself in hot water at the bar when she assumed that guys would pay for the table service, but at the end of the night the bar maid notified her that her card was declined and she had to get creative to think of a way to get out of it. 

Sullie unwittingly helped when she threw the bottle of champagne to break a fight between Matty and an other guy up that she caused. 

Jenna leaves with Luke and they spend the night together.

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