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Jenna looked back at what really happened in her year away from home. She was excited about Matty visiting her at college, but when he got there he was a completely different person. 

He didn't get on with any of her friends and made it clear to her that he didn't like them. He even shouted it at a party before having a heated conversation with Jenna about him quitting his college and moving to hers. 

Jenna explained to him that it was her time to be alone and rebuild herself, but Matty took this as her not wanting him to be with her and called time on their relationship. Jenna sobbed as she called Tamara who was too busy with Sadie to answer her cell phone.

Tamara is like a pariah at college and no one wants to hang with her, but she gets her foot in the door when she strikes up an unlikely friendship with Sadie. 

The two of them realize just how much they have in common and decide to be friends. They go out drinking and have fun, while Jenna is sobbing in her dorm room. 

Lissa returned to Palos Hills and her mother was unimpressed when she learnt that she ditched college to move home. She set her sights on Jake and got him a better job. After that, he asked her out.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

You know I can't see that garbage can without you.


Britta: Oh my god, you're tall IRL... and hot.
Matty: Thanks.

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