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Backstrom is under investigation for his conduct when during the shoot out wtih Viser, where Amy is the leader of the investigation committee.

During the investigation trial Backstrom collapses due to a suspected cardiac event.

The team is on the case of a murdered drag queen. Backstrom calls the crime a hate crime and Gravely suspects that Backstrom declared the case a hate crime in order to override the civilian oversight committee. 

Backstrom and Almond talk to the mother of the victim who tells them about her significant other. 

Valentine hints to Backstrom that he may know something about the murder of Jenna Rose. Backstrom tells Valentine that he is going to the vigil too. 

Niedermeyer and Moto talk about Backstrom's request for the latter to lie at the civilian oversight committee.

Backstrom, Gravely and Niedermeyer go to the vigil. Backstrom discovers that Valentine is on the suspect list due to his relationship with Jenna Rose. Backstrom reveals at the vigil that the crime was not a hate crime, but was instead a robbery went wrong. 

Backstrom brings Almond along to question Marcos' lawyer. 

Almond hears Nadia and Moto talking about lying for him and advises him not to do it. 

Backstrom talks to Valentine about the black market and gets a lead on the murder. Backstrom questions Jenna's ex and two get into an argument. 

Backstrom intends to tell the truth in the civilian oversight committee and discovers that Moto has corroborated his story. 

The team is led to a soldier who reveals that Jason's lawyer hired him to kill Jason for sleeping with his wife.  


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