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The team is assigned a murder case, where a young youth pastor is murder inside a church. 

Backstrom's ex-fiancee comes to Portland as the new head of the Civilian Oversight Committee. She comes to warn Backstrom that there are inconsistencies in the shooting during that took place, during which Backstrom shot a drug dealer. 

Backstrom steals the log books of the church and the team find a suspect who is a private investigator.  Unfortunately, the private investigator points out all of the things that the team did wrong. 

The team is thrown off the trail of the private investigator after talking to the wife of the church leader. She informs the team that her husband was having an affair with Emma. 

The team manages to figure out who the members of Emma's semester where and secrets come out of relationships and jealousy.

One of the members of Emma's semester shows the team how to sneak into the church, revealing how someone would sneak in to kill Emma. 

The team interrogates Ryan Durst. Backstrom accuses Ryan of killing Emma who then tries to run. 

Backstrom has doubt that Ryan killed Emma alone and believes that the leader of the cult had something to do with it. 

Amy serves Backstrom telling him that he must talk to the oversight committee. 

Backstrom figures out that Mundy is responsible for Emma's death and the team arrests him on statutory rape charges. 


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