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Rebecca is assigned to a case which features a woman she hated from law school on it. The woman appears to be semi nice on the outside, but makes continuous inappropriate comments to her. She is defending a man who exposed himself to a group of women. He has a tattoo on his back side and he exposed it. The women are offended by this. Rebecca ends up throwing the case out. The woman from law school, Dana makes a rude comment about Rebecca finally doing her job right. Rebecca decides she's had enough of her and assigns Tedward to arrest her. Rebecca's boss comments that she was a good judge for this case.

Rebecca lets Tedward down and has to make it up to him. The two of them go to party in favor of one of Tedward's favorite movies. They both get dressed up as Tedward says that they are meant to. When they arrive they are shocked to find out that dressing up was optional. Rebecca takes him to the bar to make up for everything. She buys him birthday cake vodka, but complains that he can only have it with cream on top. They both have the shot.

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judge Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Rebecca: Who runs Barter town?
Tedward: That's the wrong movie, that's from Mad Max.

Because, I got a tattoo myself.