Returning Home - Barkskins
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An infatuated Cooke makes small talk with Delphine. Cooke inspecting the barrel of pistols for the Iroquois is overseen by the snooping Duquet. Mathilde accepts Bouchard's offer of "a stroll" after the Iroquois are dealt with. Cooke entering the inn ruins the mood. Cooke wants to rent space in Mathilde's stable for barrel storage. Mathilde offers a better deal: A match with Delphine, so that he can obtain a French wife, in exchange for his help with expanding the inn. Cross tells Goames and Yvon that he put the barrel of pistols in the river. Bouchard proposes sending Cooke to retrieve the Jesuits' bodies, to prove his loyalty to the French. Melissande informs Trepagny of Mari's prophecy of his death and he agrees to stay one more night in Wobik. Mari returns to the Wendat. Sel and Duquet reunite. Cooke drafts Duquet for his mission. Clan Mother encourages Mari to fight for Trepagny. Sabrine wants to reason with the Iroquois. Cross attacks Goames and Hamish stabs him to death. Trepagny, Melissande, and Sel return to the doma. Mari invites Sel to supper at her cabin. Mathilde has Renardette guard Cooke's barrels. Mathilde suggests a match with Cooke to Delphine. Sel visits Mari. Trepagny catches them together. Selby tracks down Goames and Yvon. He recruits them to assist with his Iroquois attack on the French. Sabrine and her nuns make the first approach to the Iroquois. Gay Bill takes Goames and Yvon into the Iroquois camp. The nuns are allowed to pass the ambush. The two French soldiers are killed. Cooke talks Selby into sparing him and Duquet and giving them the priests' bodies and he will get pistols for the Iroquois. The Iroquois surround the praying nuns.

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Barkskins Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

One only has to say the word "English" and they come running like sick black dogs at low tide.

Bouchard [upon Cooke's entrance]

Bouchard: Out there among the savages, it was this stew that I thought about. The Jesuits have their Bibles, but I have this. Blasphemy?
Mathilde: No. It is not blasphemous. It is the simple things that bind us to this world, Captain.