Consolidating Power - Barkskins
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A body gets sunk in the swamp. Mathilde finds Renardette, holding a bloody knife, in the barn. Trepagny goes to Sel's cabin searching for him but finds only Mari's ribbon in his bed. Trepagny discovers his items that Mari buried in the forest. Duquet helps the stocked Cooke to urinate. Mathilde brings a blanket so she can sit and watch Cooke be humiliated. She wants Cooke's promise that Renardette will remain safe in exchange for clearing him in her husband's murder. Melissande and Mari have a tense initial meeting. Trepagny assigns Mari to find the missing Sel. Melissande lays down the law to Trepagny about Mari. Delphine's would-be husband returns her to Mother Sabrine. Just as Bouchard assures the visiting Attendant D'Affairs Deferre that all is well in Wobik, a wounded Gasquet staggers out of the woods. Gay Bill Selby is in league with the Iroquois. Trepagny brings Melissande to his sanctum. Father Jerome proposes a parlay with the Iroquois to Deferre with Trepagny as the middleman. Cookie is released. Delphine tells Sabrine how she was mutiliated during an attempted rape. Mari informs Trepagny that she is leaving. Trepagny grudglingly agrees to take Jerome and Bouchard to the Wendat camp. Goames and Yvon disagree about following their orders from their boss at the Hudson's Bay Company. They come upon Thom's body and bury him. Mathilde hires Delphine as a favor to Sabrine. Cooke gives Duquet new clothes. Cooke assigns Duquet to find Randall Cross. The Wendat tell Trepagny that the Iroquois have Sel and Father Gabriel. Chief Teyaronhiio agrees to lend guides to Trepagny. Cooke negotiates with Deferre. Randall Cross reappears at the inn. 

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Barkskins Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Mathilde: You poor, poor Englishman. What would your wife Lily say?
Cooke: I am a flawed man, Mathilde, as are we all.

Don't be afraid. There's nothing to worry about. I have you.

Mathilde [to Renardette]