Barry is Back!
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A hitman with a gun knocks on someone's door, but the guy who enters just wants whoever is in the other room to pause the TV so he can see the rest of it. Of course, he's not going to see the end.

The gun misfires on the second shot blowing away a TV giving the poor mark a few seconds to realize he's going out.

The killer is a total idiot. He's trying to get into a safe, and when it doesn't open, he takes the shotgun to it, blowing a hole in his own leg by the ricocheted bullet.

Fuches' client claims unawareness of the murder let alone anyone getting hurt. He's panicked, and when the killer arrives with cops on his tail and gets blown away at the front door, the client jumps out of the window.

Fuches says, "Oh, thank god. You're here," When the cops knock at his door.

Barry is dressed and ready for dress rehearsal to find his fellow thespians are not.

Gene had a full-on nervous breakdown the day before and left. You cannot do a show without a director, and right now they don't have a director.

To solve the whole thing, Barry decides to direct. He's trying to perk up the group, but Sally wants to cancel the show. Gene is in pain after Janice's murder.

Hank has partnered with Cristobal in all ways, but Cristobal wants Esther from the Burmese Crime Family to join their gang because of her incredible resources such as the religious freedom to bring in anything and her super killers. Hank thinks she's going to play the knives fingers game to show how cool she is, but she stabs her hand clean through.

Gene has been contemplating suicide using the pearl-handled gun from Flashpoint.

Barry is practicing his accents at the store, and Sasha doesn't think it's all that groovy.

He's given a reprieve when Hank shows up at the store with the good news that when the police questioned him, he gave Esther's name instead.

Fuches is getting interrogated. He refused to give his DNA, but he drank from a Coke can which was immediately scooped up and bagged.

It's 15 minutes to showtime. Rousing the troops isn't exactly Barry's strong point.

Gene arrives and cancels the show. After all, he can't allow a Gene M. Cousineau show to go on if he wasn't there to oversee it.

Gene is shutting down the classes permanently. Barry protests. Gene explains his reasoning and dares Barry to talk about the first men he killed at war. Dropping the mic, Gene turns to leave, and Barry begins talking.

Gene has a couple of people take the stage to act out what Barry is explaining.

Barry takes a shot and kills one man. When they see a couple of others on the horizon, Barry takes two more shots, getting both.

On stage "barry" falls and cries, but in real life, Barry was cheered and regaled as a hero. Barry doesn't share that.

Hank is freaking out. Barry disrespected him, and he'll tell the truth about him if he doesn't do what he wants.

The tooth in the garage is a match to Fuches. The investigation is moving to Cleveland. From there, Det. Loach makes the leap from the blurry suspect photo to Barry.

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Barry Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Cristobal: We were just discussing Thomas Freedman. Did you read that one yet?
Hank: OK. You gave me like, a lot of books. I have not found the time.
Esther: You must make the time.
Hank: Please do not evesdrop. [pause] Thank you.

Cristobal: Tell me. What is the one thing we here have wanted to dip our toes in?
Hank: Chocolate.
Cristobal: Heroin.
Hank: Heroin.

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