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Norman and Norma are sleeping in bed together. Norman is spooning Norma. Dylan walks in on them like that and nobody seems to think anything is wrong with it.

Dylan wonders what's up with Norman, and why his bed was made. Norma rationalizes it and Dylan leaves for work.

Francine Calhoon's attorney calls Norma. She was Norma's mother and the attorney is working on the disposition of the estate. Norma says she's not interested and hangs up.

Norman thinks offers his condolences to Norma, but she insists she's fine. They haven't spoken in 20 years. It's Norman's first day of school, senior year. He refuses to go in, straps back in and Norma makes it more dramatic by dragging him out of the car in front of all the kids.

In school, Norman sees Miss Watson sitting beside him at lunch, chatting and then with her throat sliced.

The DEA and Sheriff Romero are burning pot fields.

Dylan heads up to a cabin he rented. A guy named Gunner is there.

Norman has run the entire way home and back to the motel. He shares how he felt very strange and thought Miss Watson was sitting beside him and Norma cradles him in her arms.

As they're being the strange mother and son they are, a new guest arrives. A hot young woman Norman can't help staring at.

Dylan meets with Romero. He wants to have a small farm, with just enough plants to be legal so he can help people out with anxiety and glaucoma. Romero says if they're no longer working together, he can't help him anymore. He'll be on his own. Dylan doesn't understand why that would be a problem if he's legal.

The gal who said she'd never need anything needs something. Her ceiling light is out and Normal helps her change the bulb. Apparently, both side lamps are out, as well, as it's dark as pitch in the room while he attempts to change the bulb. She's a party girl who likes wealthy men, but Norman thinks she's nice. They bond.

Dylan is followed to his property. It's Norma's brother, Dylan's dad. He has money for Dylan from the sale of their mom's house. Dylan doesn't want it.

Norma decides Norman can be home schooled so she can go back to school and she'll give him a promotion to Motel Manager. They're watching TV on the computer in her bed as she tells him this. They hug awkwardly and she asks him to go back to his room. Norma tells him what Dylan said, and Norman doesn't take it well.

Dylan finds Caleb on the road the next morning, his van broken down. No, he doesn't have a spare radiator hose on him. Dylan isn't interested in making small talk. Caleb isn't nearly as menacing as he seemed in Season 2. He shares with Dylan that their mother was crazy and their dad was the most violent man he has ever known. There was no place safe for them except with each other. Dylan isn't moved.

Two men greet Romero. Their understanding was he was supposed to be protecting them. They threaten him and he pounds one of their faces into the bar. BAM!

Norma shares his good news with Emma and she counters with some bad. Her lung capacity has diminished, like a lot. He offers that she should home school with him there. She was the only reason he liked school anyway. These are her best years, so she should spend them with him.... and his mom and Dylan.... Norman thinks they should date. It's been time for a while, she agrees.

Norma sits Dylan down to tell him his grandmother died. She has a hair ribbon that belonged to her mother, who wore it to a dress in high school with a blue dress. It was the only time she remembered her mother being happy. She always hoped she would be that person again. Norma had no idea why her mother wasn't happy as it was never discussed, but she took a lot of pills and was often sedated.

Outside, Norman finds a raccoon going through the trash. It gives him a great opportunity to peek through new girl's window. She's in her underwear, preparing to get into the shower and damn if this isn't a hint of Psycho! Norma catches him looking in the window and admonishes him. She reminds him he's the motel manager now and he cannot be skulking around in the dark peering into the guest's bathrooms. It's not normal! He apologizes and says it will never happen again.

Norma is sobbing and Norman thinks it's because of what he did. It's because her mother died. She didn't even know her, but she wishes she had. When she wishes Norman would slide in and comfort her, he hesitates. Just for tonight, because I'm so sad, she says. "Move over you willy woman," he replies.

When Dylan gets to the cabin in the morning, Caleb is there, cooking by the fire with Gunner. He makes an excuse about the van, but it doesn't make sense. He wants to have a relationship with Dylan, even if it's awkward and weird. He just wants to be with him for a little while, and he'll never ask anything of him ever again.

Annika comes in asking for directions to a restaurant. She's wearing one hell of a red lace dress. Before their first official date Emma is already jealous.

They talk about the sex she shares to make a living. Norman looks at her slack-jawed.

Emma leaves the office. Norman hasn't returned. Just seconds after she leaves, Annika's car pulls in. Norman parks, locks it and walks past the motel up to the house.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Oh and by the way? My mother died. Here's your lunch.


Dylan: Norman's 18. He should not be sleeping in the same bed as his mom.
Norma: You're overreacting. He just fell asleep. It's not a big deal.