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Bradley doesn't want to be dead anymore. It's hard trying to live without parents. 

Norma goes to see Bob Paris. She will give him the flash drive. She tells him what Finnegan told him was a lie. He taunts her with Norman's history. She says she'll give him the drive as long as he assures her he won't bring Norman into this. She doesn't get to call the shots anymore. He thinks Romero beat her to the punch.

Caleb runs at Chick. He knows Chick is an informant. He tells them the tale about what occurred. Chick replies that he could be lying for all he knows. That really pisses off Caleb. Chick goes to get a "drink" which looks a lot like a gun.

Caleb beats him good.

Dylan gets his first look at the "pool" or bomb crater. He's greeted by Emma, but he thinks he stinks and wants to shower. He says the job didn't go well and she offers to help, if the money is important to him.

Norma tells Romero she just wants out of all this and he says she is because he's taking care of it. That doesn't work for her, but he doesn't care and tells her to move the frak on, essentially.

Bradley suggests Norman try to ease her mother into her being alive. She really hasn't changed much.

Dylan arrives at the farm, sees the money and worries that Caleb killed Chick. Caleb assures him he didn't, but he wanted to. Caleb is going to stay on the logging road and Dylan worries that he might just take off. Of course he'll be there. 

Norma is getting rid of all of Norman's taxidermy stuff. He doesn't take it well. He accuses her of being the one who doesn't look good and as if she's cracking under the pressure. He wonders how he doesn't know it was her who killed his father. 

Bradley goes to see her house. She's upset her mom changed everything. Her room is now an exercise room.

Dylan delivers $50k to Emma's dad. Then Dylemma share a special scene.

Romero is done. With everything. He begs Norma for the truth and she lies again and screams how much she hates him and their lips almost touch and they just don't. 

Caleb comes by to deliver something to Dylan and tells Norma what he knows about Dylan. He knows Norman will hurt someone and he just hopes it isn't her.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

If you ever, ever go near my son again, I will hunt you down and I will kill you if it's the last thing I do.


Well, live and learn, Norma. Be careful who you give things to. And we're done talking. About anything.