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Norma knocks on Annika's door. She has fresh towels and wants to check on that bathroom window shade to see if it's working. Her car's there, but she isn't.

Norma finds Norman in the basement, stuffing a kid (baby goat). She reminds him he has a full time job and is being home schooled, so he shouldn't be doing taxidermy. He tells her not to worry about the girl in Room 4, making it impossible not to worry about the girl in Room 4.

Dylan is up at the cabin and Caleb and Gunner are mapping out some specs. Gunner has a dog named Rex with him. Dylan seems a bit surprised at everything going on around him. 

When Norma learns Norman was with Annika the last time Emma saw her, her face pinches up and steam comes out of her ears, figuratively speaking. She finds Norman and they start to argue. He assures her he only went to help her out because she seemed like a nice woman who needed help. Once they arrive in town, Norma realizes something very important.

He said was when he was referring to her instead of is. When she goes in to check on her whereabouts, she learns nothing and leaves in frustration. Norman was in the car with that look on his face. Norma tells Norman she doesn't know how much longer she can keep doing this. He acts as if he has no idea what she's talking about. 

Up at the camp, a stray dog comes by and Rex gets into a fight. Caleb stands up and kills the stray. Then he calmly says he's going to turn in, goodnight.

Norman checks in with Norma to tell her he's OK. She needn't worry. They embrace. 

Annika's car sits in the lot, taunting everyone. Emma thinks it's nice Norman and Norma are so worried about her. It's date night for Emma and Norman. She tells him she doesn't share everything with Norma and grasps his hands and it freaks him out. 

Dylan meets a neighbor from over the hill, south face. He is whistling, looking for his pet dog. He's a mutt who never came back. Caleb says, yeah, if we see your dog we'll stop everything and let you know. The dude's name is Chick Hogan. Chick asks if they're planting tomahtoes. Last year the crop was wiped out by the DEA. Lots of opportunity. That felt like a threat.

Norma is peeking into Annika's car. Emma suggests calling the sheriff or looking in her room. They do the latter. They find an invitation to the Arancum hunting club.

Romero is ready to leave Bates Motel as his house is finally fixed. It's an awkward goodbye as Norma finally grabs him in a hug and they almost kiss. 

On their date, Emma and Norman talk about sex and what they'll learn about each other. Norman admits sex can seem overwhelming, like another part of him. He wouldn't use the term magical when describing sex. She equates Norma's smothering to keeping Norman from becoming an adult. Unless he's interested in becoming Peter Pan...He'll be Peter Pan if she'll be Wendy. They never had sex... his sigh/whoa is hilarious.

Norma tried to attend the party at the Arcanum, but needs a password. She doesn't know it and is asked to leave.

Caleb and Dylan head over to Chick's. He wanders up with a gun and Dylan admits they shot his dog. Then the guy says he doesn't have a dog. Can they come in anyway?

Chick asks that they don't shoot a gun off because it rattles mother nature. He's talking only to Dylan while looking directly at Caleb. Then he asks about the number of plants they have. Dylan mentions 99, the medical marijuana limit. Chick asks if they have any rabbits and toasts to rabbits.

Caleb lays out the ground rules. They'll be neighborly, but they'll do what they want on their own property. Don't show up on each other's property looking for sugar and stay within the boundaries of neighborly behavior.

Norma is climbing a tree in a cocktail dress to gain access to the Arcanum party. She's a determined woman. She's looking in a window and Romero tells her to get the hell out of here. Norma tells him what's going on and to please see if she's at the party. He says he will and she hurries off. As she's passing the Lee Berman Memorial Bypass construction, she goes off on it, screaming that she hates it and wrecks into it when kicking it doesn't give her satisfaction.

Emma and Norman arrive back at the motel. She has to get going, but they kiss passionately in before she goes. He doesn't want to start something they can't finish in front of his house and all. 

As he's walking up the stairs, Norma gets home and Norman wonders what happened to the car and why she's all dressed up and dirty. She hugs him and cries. He says he's worried about her. She seems a little different lately. It's all going to be OK, he says. She'll see.

Then a couple walking their dog are about to discover said dog is barking at a dead body in the pond. Annika?



Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

I don't know why, but unhinged women seem drawn to you.


Norma: You can't keep getting into cars with questionable women.
Norman: Questionable?
Norma: Slutty. Oversexed. Crazy.