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Emma wonders if Dylan told Norma about Dylan yet. No, but he'd really like to take her out to dinner some night this week to thank her for everything. Tomorrow night works for her. Her dad comes in seconds later to take her home. She's not doing well after the night with no sleep, but he doesn't blame Dylan. Emma doesn't know her own limitations.

Norma and Norman are getting her phone replaced and she can't believe the world fell down around her when she only left for a few hours. With a suitcase, Norman reminds her. What the hell, she says, Alex left her a message he was shot. 

Bob finds the dude's body in his car at the end of his private driveway.

Norman answers Norma's phone. "This is the right number, she's just waddling through the driveway as we speak." It's James. Norman goes to manage the motel and Norma finds Alex inside her house. She wonders why everyone immediately jumps to she's dead. He reminds her of the deal with Bob Paris. He wants the flash drive. Norma gives it to him.

Dylan goes to see Emma's father. For the right amount of money, there is a possibility she can get moved up the organ transplant list. Dylan wants to see what he can do.

Romero goes to see Gunner so he'll open the file on the flash drive. He's resistant, but opens it. He immediately goes to see Bob on the gun range. Romero's mom's name is on the list. What?

Dylan wants to talk to Norma about Norman. He lists all of the things that have happened so far and suggests they need to do something. Norma is still hiding behind the lie detector test having disproved the Blair Watson thing.

Romero goes to see his dad about getting his mom's name off of the list. He appears to be an inmate in prison. They don't get along well and Romero says he drove her to it.

Caleb asks Dylan if he thinks there's a chance he might be able to stop by the house ever.

Caleb tells Chick he's changed his mind about doing the run. When Dylan hears about it, he wants to do it for Emma.

James comes to the house to check on Norma and she takes him directly to the basement to check on Norman. This seems far riskier than gun running. Norman agrees to talk to James. Alone. He tells James about the buzzing he hears and he starts describing how he feels about James. Then he asks how it was, sleeping with his mother. Norman wonders if James' mother left him and then slept with a family therapist who then started asking questions if it would bother him. James says it might and starts to leave.

Norman starts to get all Normany. He strangles James who runs out after telling Norma to get him help. When Norma checks on Norman, Norman says he said terrible things to him and Norma apologizes. Norman cries and says everything is changing. Norma promises nothing will ever change and she won't ever leave again.

Alex calls with a favor. He needs someone to come get him. He's drunk. 

Emma wants to go do dinner with Dylan, a really amazing person, so she can spend some of the time she has left with him. Her dad wants to make sure that if he lets her go it doesn't mean she wins the argument. They hug. It's sweet.

Romero wonders where Norma's car is. She straps him in and takes him back to the motel to sleep it off. He tells her about his mom's name on the ledger. His dad was using her name to collect his share of the drug profits even though she's been dead by suicide for over 20 years. They have a very tender moment.

Dylan's dinner with Emma suddenly includes the family.

When Norma goes outside, she sees Caleb lurking by the house. Instead of getting angry, she sees he picked her some flowers. He has the damn tears again. He was just going to leave the flowers and note thanking her for talking to him the other day. She tells him they can't be friends. The tears continue to well and he says he understands, puts down the flowers and walks away. She asks him to stay for dinner. Just for tonight. 

Norma and Caleb come inside and Dylan clasps his father in a hug. Caleb sees Emma and immediately understands why Dylan wants to do the run. He starts to look around the house. When she brings in the wine, he asks her to play. She begins playing a song they played and sang together when they were young and they recreate it. Norman walks in with an angry look on his face. 

As the song ends, Romero walks in and claps. He's invited to dinner, too. It's a beautiful dinner and everybody gets along except Norman is Normany. 

After dinner, Norman sulks and then stays awake and when she's asleep, Norman goes to Norma's room where he caresses her hip as she sleeps and very Norman look on his face.


Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Norma: Come on, Norman, let's go.
Norman: Oh! Yes, mother. Here I come, following after you in a very masculine and attractive way!

Norman, stop it. You're acting like a twit. It's not masculine and it's not attractive.