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Dylan is going up to the farm for a few days. 

Norman is worried about Emma. He's surprised everyone hasn't lost their minds. They hear machinery and look out the window. People are digging a hole for the new pool that Bob Paris has signed off on. Oh, OK.

Romero is trying to get Norma's car back and Bob is going to torture James to try to get the flash drive. James worries about violating doctor/patient confidentiality.

Chick tries to say he's an artist. Caleb is worried about Dylan doing the drug run and Caleb is doing it regardless. Caleb will go with him.

Norma discovers her pool is 23 feet deep, which seems a bit deep for pool, doesn't it? What's going in it? He's going to take back Norma's car for her and she kisses him on the cheek in glee.

Bob tells Romero what he learned from James. Norma's kinky. Romero's not interested. In fact, he can't figure out what it has to do with Bob. Bob just wants Romero back on his team. He's going about it in the wrong way.

Dylan calls to check on Emma. She's at the motel. The two of them are freaking adorable while while they talk to each other. OMG.

Norman is looking at the pit and unsure what it is. Emma wants to talk to him about them. She says they seemed to force it and that he was always with someone else, even when he was there with her, in the moment, but they'll always be friends. Another bit of normalcy stripped away from him. This can't be good.

Norman goes into his room and sinks into his world. With Juno.

Romero visits Norma and asks her to tell him the truth. About her husband and his death. He doesn't want a story, he wants the truth. She goes with the heavy shelf falling on him, accident in the garage. He says last chance and she says it's the truth. He says goodbye. She screams for him, but it's too late.

Norman has something to tell Norma, but he'd rather tell her in the dark. He can't get what James said to him out of his head because he's afraid of it. He thinks it might be true and that scares him so much. She tries to tell him that they're animals and slightly instinctual. It's their choices that make them humans. She tries to lighten the situation, but you have to wonder if it does the job it's supposed to do.

Emma leaves some brownies and flowers for Dylan at the farm.

Dylan and Caleb arrive at the designated location. Whoever is supposed to be there wants to know where Chick is. Caleb's cautionary tale didn't dissuade Dylan and they carry on. It's a bad idea as Chick's partners believe they should have been told. They planned on blowing Chick's brains out, so they're getting no money. The guy plans on blowing Dylan's brains out instead. An old fashioned shoot out ensues. Dylan and Caleb take off, thankfully losing Chick's "art" in the process.

Norma goes to see James and learns why Romero asked her things she didn't want to answer. She runs home to Norman and tells him what she revealed to James. Norma finally admits out loud that Norman killed his father and Norman wonders if she's really there, telling him that. Then she screams out loud that he's killing her, he's going to kill her. That stops Norman in his tracks. He blacks out immediately. His sexy mother is in front of him and she tells him she has his back. He throws her aside and runs out of the house. She's upstairs in the window. Juno runs away and out into the street and he takes off just like he did so long ago. 

Norman finds a car in the street and a girl. Bradley.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Romero: So what's up with the big pit?
Norma: Bob Paris is building a pool just like he said he would. You were there.

I had a little session with the therapist that Norma Bates has been screwing. You think you know her, Alex, but you don't. She's a kinky bitch.