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Alex slept on the couch. He admits to Norma he doesn't feel safe leaving her alone with Norman. She's absolutely certain Norman could never hurt her. They're two parts of the same person.

Norman goes to therapy where he discusses the marriage. He thinks it's about Norma's fear of being alone. He thinks Alex took some big step into Norma's life to get to her the second Norman was gone, but he has something coming when he discovers how difficult and damaged she really is.

She's tiny and can get crushed like a baby bird. Alex won't be able to measure up to her standards, Alex will be crushed, he'll run off and it will be left to little old Norman to pick up the pieces. If he can.

Norma thinks Alex just doesn't want to make room for Norman, that he's not willing to give him a chance. Alex insists he's trying to shine light onto the truth about things. She doesn't believe him.

On their way home, Norman tries to find out what's going on. Norma says he is her whole life and people have to understand that. He is her son and he always will be.

Rebecca will turn in Sheriff Alex Romero as Bob Paris' murder by wearing a wire if it means she's allowed to go free.

Dylan meets Romero at a diner. Alex tells Dylan he thinks Norman is dangerous. Has he ever seen him exhibit violent behavior? Yes.

Dylan goes to the house and confronts Norma for having Emma's mother's earring in her coat pocket. 

Dylan lets slip that he's not the only one worried about Norman. This does not sit well with Norma.

Dylan says she's never been a mother to him, he's done. She wants the earring back. 

Dylan looks at her sadly, and goes out into the parking lot where he hugs Norman and asks him to check himself back into Pineview because she won't do it for him.

She is going to go and talk to Alex. Norman says he loves Mother. He's going to get the Christmas tree lights out and they can start on that tomorrow. 

At their restaurant, Rebecca tries to set up Romero. He doesn't fall for it, though. He gets back to his office only to have to suffer through Norma.

Alex and Norma have quite the argument. She essentially shuts things down with him.

Back at the house, Norman is in the attic where he finds Audrey's suitcase. He opens it and starts to look through her things. There is a chunk of hair inside, as well as one of Norma's robes. 

Naturally, he slips it on and looks into the mirror. He's immediately transformed. But not as I'd think. His eyes fill with tears. The scene we saw of him burying something in the yard appears to have been that suitcase.

Mother comes home just after he finishes cleaning up. It's not going to work with Alex and her. She breaks down into sobs and Norman holds her tight.

Later, she's writing a dear John letter to Alex. It's very simple. I will always love you no matter what. I'm truly sorry. Love Norma. She inserts her ring into the envelope and climbs into bed.

Norman comes in to say goodnight. He sits beside her on the bed. They're silent for a little while, then Norman suggests they move somewhere else. It didn't work. The house is nice, but they're both broken. 

Norman reminds her about how she once wanted to live in Oahu. They can sell things and live in a little apartment, walk down to the beach and live on macadamia nuts.

There are a lot of awkward moments and then Norman sings Norma to sleep. He sneaks out of the bedroom and heads into the basement.

Once there he fires up the furnace that was in need of repair. He goes through the house, closing all of the vents but the one to Norma's bedroom. He climbs into bed.

Romero arrives, realizes what has happened. He pulls Norma from the bed, breaks some windows and tries to resuscitate her. He pulls Norman from the bed as well, and he wakes on his own.

Bates Motel
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