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Norma shares her feelings about their marriage with Romero. She feels like it's a movie, but it's not a movie. He assures her it's not a movie, so she better not screw it up.

Norman's having nightmares that look like a scary promotion of Bates Motel.

Dr. Edwards tells Norman what's going on when he blacks out. That there might be other people living inside him. That when children are traumatized, they have others inside themselves to help them deal with the trauma. 

He seems unclear at the notion, but he admits times he was confused, when he thought he had spoken to his mother when he hadn't. He wonders why his fabricated mother might want to protect him from Edwards. What was his life like growing up? Normal. 

Norma meets with Chick at a nearby diner. She's very cordial with him, even complimenting him on his cane. She loves that he made it himself. He says he loves that thing that she does, when she talks and poses. He wonders if she's lonely because she can't share with the people she loves that she had sex with her brother.

He loves how polite she is. There aren't genuinely polite people any longer. He wants to know where Caleb is. 

Dylan is with Norman. They're playing croquet. Dylan tells Norman about him and Emma. Norman wonders if he remembers much about their dad, Dylan's stepdad, Sam. Dylan remembers he was unhappy and got drunk a lot. 

Dylan reports back to Norma. She thinks Norman is doing really well. Calmer, more at peace. She thinks that's the best news ever. Norma says her marriage is going really well, but hopes Dylan didn't tell Norman. Dylan doesn't know why she treats Norman like he's so fragile. 

Then Dylan tells Norma he's moving to Seattle with Emma and her dad.

Norma asks after Caleb. What's the hotel in Costa Rica where he worked? Dylan wants her to leave him alone. Dylan says it's coming from some kind of wrong place and she doesn't need to do something destructive. She says she won't.

Norma tracks down Caleb in Costa Rica. She's so nervous when she does it. He wonders if she's OK, if Dylan is OK. He tells her he didn't want the fallout from his bad situation to come down on them, so he left. He asks about Emma and her surgery, happy they're doing well. 

In therapy, Norman remembers being seven, getting a glass of water in the middle of the night and finding his dad drunk at his desk. His dad clutches him and says he loves him. Dr. Edwards tells him he's OK. There are tears streaming down Norman's face.

Caleb calls Dylan and they talk about Norma. He wants to move up here at some point.

Norma is meeting with Chick on a bridge. She has a gun. She can't shoot him, though. She also cannot turn over Caleb so Chick can kill him. So she screams at Chick thanks so much. I just wanted my damned window fixed and now you're going to ruin my liiiiiiiiiife!

At home, she's cooking like a crazy woman. Dylan comes over to get some of his stuff. Have fun leaving me, Norma says.

Dylan finds the bunny Audrey left for Emma, including the letter. He checks the reservations for December. She checked in December 2, but never checked out. 

Dr. Edwards is asking about Norman's father. Norma appears. She doesn't want Norman to to talk about his father. Edwards wants to speak to her directly. Faux Norma says she has worked very hard to keep Norman from remembering his past, and if he remembers it will crush him. The one time they tried to leave, they were just driving around the neighborhood trying to find Dylan until Sam got into the car and held a gun to her head.

She's so sorry, she was just mad at him. Sam takes her home and rapes her, her hand on the bedroom floor while Norman was on the floor under the bed, holding her hand. As Norma, Norman tells Dr. Edwards to let his secrets lie or else he'll have to do something about it.

Chick is at the house with Norma's window. She's ready for Romero to pack his bags and leave and confronts Chick head on, calling him a giant lame asshole. He tells her he hopes he enjoys the window, kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Norma tells Romeo all of the truths about Caleb. Every single one of them. Of course, he accepts her. Their love is real.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Did it ever occur to you that if you keep treating people like they're fragile, it might keep them from every getting stronger?


Norman: What was this person like? This person in me who's my mother?
Dr. Edwards: Actually, she's charming.