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Romero shows Norma the money he has in the basement. He tells her where it came from and that he can think of no better person to launder Bob Paris' money back into society than her.

Just then, the phone rings. Romero answers, shocking Norman. Norman is coming home, shocking Norma. It's certainly not the happy reunion either of them might have once imagined. They're both already on edge, and he's still in Pineview.

Norman finds out there are protocols to his being released, even though he checked himself in. And when he learns he's been preapproved by his stepfather's insurance plan for three months...oh my. Gulp.

He goes to prepare the necessary paperwork and notify Dr. Edwards after the fact.

Emma is fighting with her dad about her mom. Dylan arrives in the middle of it. Dylan isn't pleased to be put on the spot. Emma can't believe he met her mother and didn't tell her. 

Emma tells Dylan Audrey's cell phone is no longer in service. Her negative feelings about her mom makes him feel totally awful.

Rebecca Hamilton stops by to see Romero at work. She's leaving town.

Norman tells Dr. Edwards he's leaving. His blackouts have increased since he started treatment, and he doesn't remember anything from their sessions.

Dylan tells Norma what he found in Norman's room, but she refuses to believe that Norman may have killed Audrey. He's not going to let it go. Norma is very flippant and gets angry as a result of the conversation, ensuring Dylan she won't let Norman come home.

Meanwhile, at Pineview an incredibly agitated Norman is envisioning Norma and Romero having sex while he watches and she looks back at him with a sly smile on her face.

Norman tells Julian he's going home. Dr. Edwards will sign off on his paperwork. Julian says he'll boomerang back here in one, two months tops. Norman says he'll make everyone see him as normal, kind and nice. But Julian can't, and that's why he'll never get out of here.

When Norma visits Dr. Edwards, she again tries to drive home to him that Norman's not violent. She won't petition the court, and it's unlikely Dr. Edwards will, either. Norma suggests she speak with Norman about staying a little longer. He'd be grateful if she tried.

Dylan finds out Audrey was evicted, leaving everything behind.

Norman is surprised to see Norma because he didn't call her to pick him up yet. She tells him he needs more time. When she says we were lucky to get him into this place, he wonders who we are. He won't sit by her on the couch. 

He tells her he knows about the marriage and she lies about how real it has gotten. She says she did it for the insurance, but won't cop to the rest of it. To prove everything she has done has been for him and that he's her priority, she has to let him come home.

Norman turns off the waterworks as soon as Norma agrees to let him come home. 

Emma thinks her mom is doing everything on purpose to get them to bail her out. She's gutted about her mother.

Dr. Edwards apologizes to Norman, who is creating a paper mache dog in the arts and crafts room. Edwards wonders why they seemed on the same page before but are no longer. Norman wonders if Edwards is trying to scare him. Edwards wonders why he isn't scared. He becomes a completely different person when he blacks out. That should scare him.

Norman cries for Edwards. He thinks that with the Doctor and with Norma, who makes him feel complete and whole, he can get better. He really, really does. Edwards wants to start with three sessions a week. 

Norman looks at the paper mache dog as he wipes the tears from his eyes.

Norma gets home and he has a giant, 60" TV in the living room. He knows how much she loves old movies and that she might want to see them for a change. She gives him the news that Norman's coming home. He's disappointed. Even more disappointed when Norma says she told Norma it was only for the insurance.

Norman prepares to go home, accepts his pill bottles and leaves his paper mache dog behind. Norma is there to pick him up. The cut to the attic when they arrive home pretty much says it all.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Dylan: I need to tell you something.
Norma: Oh my God, did Emma die?

I am willing to continue working with you on an outpatient basis, as I say in my letter, but I just need to get home.