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Things are a lot different now. There is a problem with their heating and Norman decides it would be warmer if he slept with Mother. You can tell Norma is very uncomfortable with the idea.

When he climbs into bed beside her, she twirls her wedding ring continuously. She guesses they got a little close to being apart, so it will take some doing to get used to being together again. But she's really, really happy he's back!

They struggle to get through the next day. Norman asks if Romero actually lived there. Norma give him his medicine and he takes it, saying "all fixed NOW!" in a very snarky tone.

When Rebecca is trying to leave the country, she's taken away by the DEA.

Norman goes to see Romero at work, calling himself "his wife's son."

Norman pushes it as far as he can, going to far as to call the marriage a fraud and to suggest he will expose it as such. 

When Norma goes to see Romero, he's anything but pleased to chat given what just went down.

Emma goes to visit Norman. It's almost impossible to think they ever dated. 

When Dylan goes into Norman's room, he can't help but look around skeptically.

Later, the family is going to pick out a Christmas tree. Norma wonders why Norma is so moody. He's acting all surprised that she's so moody.

Norman says he thinks it's horrible that Norma had to sleep with Romero to get him insurance. She needs to let other people help to alleviate her burdens.

When Norman realizes his mother really likes Romero, his answer is to vomit all over the Christmas tree lot.

Despite his better judgment, Dylan allows himself to have sex in the house.

Norman sees Romero drive up to the motel. He's off to investigate. Norma is on one of the beds. She's very sad. She told Norman. It was hard. Romero reaches for her and she leans into his arms. Norman lurks outside the door.

Romero has just told Norma he's a magical unicorn who can make everything better. She's laughing. Norman is in an adjoining room listening. He pulls a painting off of the wall and uses a letter opener to make a peep hole into the room.

It's centered on them undressing. It's completely disgusting.

Norman is hardly happy to hear someone is going to clean out his basement.

Norman invites Alex to dinner, and it goes terribly. Norman is a complete jackass. Then he makes a great point. She smothered him his entire life, didn't allow him to do anything and now she's trying to change their world. 

Oh ugh.

Romero wants to talk to Alex. Norman is chopping wood. I'm scared shitless.

Norman explodes, but attacks the house instead of Romero. Romero won't leave Norma alone. Will he survive this season?

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

So as soon as I get this all straightened out, which should be in the next two weeks, you and my mother can get a divorce.


Norman: So, did the sheriff actually have to live here?
Norma: Sometimes, yes.
Norman: Sometimes?