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Caleb wakes up chained to a pole in the basement. His head is bloodied and in his terrible state, he sees "Norma" sitting in a rocker across the room.

Only when Norman stands up does Caleb see who he's talking with for certain. Or does he?

Caleb seems unsure on the floor, but tells "Norma" about Dylan and Emma's baby. Her granddaughter. Mother tells Caleb he cannot let him go. Upstairs, Chick chats with Mother about being kind to Norman. She wonders why. But can she trust him? He says yes, and she does.

Romero is getting his transfer.

Mother is waking up Norman. How's he feeling? Norman blacked out, didn't he? He remembers nothing. He's so excited he can stay in bed and Mother will take care of everything. But, oh by the way, stay out of the basement.

Chick enters moments later with breakfast. He has a story for Norman. He found him passed out. He put him to bed. He's going to hang out here for a while and look out for him. He tells Norman he spoke to his mother. It's OK. He's not here to judge him. Not for any of it.

At a gas station stop, Romero wants a bathroom break. He gets eased up on the chains. Romero gets the jump on his watcher dude, gets his gun and the keys to the cuffs. He cuffs the dude to the sink and makes his escape.

The guy starts screaming immediately, so it won't be long before he's spotted. Romero grabs an envelope and asks a guy for a ride. He can't help, so Romero makes him help. Guns are most helpful.

Romero tells Jason everything is going to be fine.

Caleb is remembering when he and Norma were children, listening to their parents fighting. They were all they had and declared their love for one another.

Chick won't cut Caleb loose. Chick doesn't believe it's his role to help out in this situation. He's merely an observer. Whatever happens now is between Norman and Caleb. Caleb reminds Chick that Norman is insane and killed Norma. It moves Caleb not at all.

Jason is scared shitless when he's let out of the car. He begs for his life. He doesn't want to die. Romero knows the feeling. He has no plans to kill Jason and tells him so.

Chick needs to know more about Caleb and Norma. They talk about it. Caleb is in pain, but won't talk about raping Norma. Everything was always OK, even when they weren't together, because he always knew she was somewhere.

Romero ditches the car in the woods and then flees on foot.

Norman goes downstairs when he hears glass breaking. Now Norman is freely carrying on a conversation with both Mother and Chick. Chick has to pick up the conversation cues from Norman because Norman isn't talking on behalf of Mother. Chick is recording the conversation under the table.

When Chick doesn't hear Mother, Norman gets angsty. Chick blames it on deafness from the beatings and Norman steps in.

Madeline comes over to apologize for the abysmal dinner. She cries over Sam's constant absences and how poorly her marriage is going.

She asks Norman about being friends and when they go to walk in the woods, Caleb breaks free of his chains. He pushes open the door to Norma's throne room and throws himself into an embrace with the stuffed version of his sister. Except it's a nightmare.

He's not free and he's now pounding on the ceiling. Chick carefully explains to Norman about the events of the other night and that he believes Caleb is here to kill Norman. Norman screams for Mother. Chick goes upstairs.

Mother takes over when his body gets to the basement. Caleb says Norman has no idea about what she's doing to him. But he can help.

Instead, Mother appears before Caleb's eyes. Caleb isn't in the best condition. He's either going to die or will be killed by Norman.

Romero makes the wrong move, getting into a car in a remote location. He's then treated to a shotgun blast to the gut.

Chick is writing a novel about Norman. True crime.

Mother wakes Norman and wants her to kill Caleb. Now.

The conundrum is that Norman has never killed. He cannot kill. Norma and Mother are in a struggle for the gun and Caleb runs right into the street screaming for help. Who is coming down the street? Chick. Chick is texting and driving. He smashes Caleb to the ground.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Mother: Can you keep this secret about me? Can I trust you, Chick?
Chick: Trust is the foundation and the bedrock of every relationship. You can trust me, uh, Norma.
Mother: I'm kinda glad you know, actually. It's been a real pain in the ass having to hide every time you came over.

Caleb: So are you going to let me going to let me go Norma. I mean, I'll just leave and I won't bother you again.
Norman: I can't let you go. You know something you're not supposed to know. You know I'm not dead. So we need to figure out what to do with you.
Caleb: What do you mean, "what to do with me"?