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Marion Crane rings the bell at the motel. Norman comes out. Norman is very intrigued. She wants to pay cash. Norman is being very creepy asking questions. And then he gives her her key to Room 1. A perfect room for him to spy.

He helps her get her bags and takes them to her room. He doesn't stop talking. She's hungry and he goes to the house to get a sandwich for her. Halfway up the stairs he stops and looks in the window. Mother is watching. Not a good sign.

Mother and Norman are in the kitchen talking. They are arguing about her going out. He knows why she's there and that it has to do with Marion. 

Emma is reading the article on Norma's death when Dylan comes in. She tells him about Norma. Dylan is having a hard time believing it. He reads the article for himself. He's upset.

Norman brings Marion food. She's in his office looking at his taxidermy subjects. She's a little creeped out by it all while she's eating his ham sandwich. She questions whether he's married or has a family. He tells her he has a mother. He talks about her like she's still real. She talks about her mom dying and her life. She tells him how she ended up in L.A. They talk some more.

She gets a phone call and leaves. She goes back to her room. It's Sam who calls her. He lies to her and tells her he can't get to her. He's tied up with clients. Marion hears Madeline in the background and wants to know what's going on. Madeline knows about Marion. He hangs up on her and Marion tries calling again, but it goes to voicemail.

Norman is watching everything unfold. It's the classic Psycho scene from the movie with Marion undressing and Norman watching as she goes into the shower. He's getting all hot and heavy, but he keeps his hands in his pocket.

Norman talks to him in his head while Marion gets in the shower. She hears the door, but water is in her eyes. She leaves and goes to the office. She tells him about Sam Loomis. She wants the registry because she wants his actual address.  He refuses, telling her that the address isn't in the registry. Then he tells her he knows his wife. She's not getting it.

What happened to the Psycho story? He didn't kill her.

He lectures her on her only seeing what she wants to see. She's pretty pissed off. She leaves and goes to his house.She sees them arguing and she cries. 

She gets a jack out of her car and busts out all his windows in her car. He comes out. Madeline comes out. He's screwed. She locks him out. Marion takes off.

Norman is at home. he gets a call from Dylan. He wants to know why he never told him Norma died. Dylan is very upset, and Norman is indifferent to him.

He doesn't believe that she committed suicide. They argue. Norman gets very upset talking about his mother's death and he hands up on Dylan.

Then Mother shows up. She cooked dinner. But when he turns around again, she's not there. Then she calls him and she is there. He knows he's losing his mind, but he can't stop it.

She's making his own dinner. Mother is not pleased. He's refusing to look at her. He knows she's not real. Now she's fucking with him. They argue about whether or not she is real. She's trying to convince him that she's real. He's trying to convince himself that he made her up. She throws a humongous temper tantrum.

The chaos in this poor boy's mind.

Norman heads back to the hotel and sees Marion's car is back. He goes to her room. The door is open and he sees she's quite upset. He's just being his nice self. She's going to check out. She sort of tells him about what she did. They are sitting on the bed. She "confesses" to him, and puts her head on his shoulder. He doesn't know what to do. he's having a crisis. He tells her she should go and gets all her stuff. 

He's acting crazy. He's telling her how to escape from her reality. She wants him to throw out her clothes. She hugs him and she leaves, but the room is filled with everything Marion. 

She's driving away and throws her cell phone out the window. And that's that?

Mother shows up and tells Norman he let her get away. Then Sam Loomis shows up. Norma talks about how he reminds her of Norman's father. Sam goes into Marion's room. He tries calling her, but obviously no answer. Her phone is on the side of the road. He begs her to come back. He's waiting for her.

Norma starts telling Norman a story. He tells her to stop. Mother starts talking to him like the thing she is. Why she exists and why he created her back when he was a little boy. This is freaky deaky.

She tells him that in order to take the pain away he has to kill. That's the only way. Wow. She tells him to kill Sam. And off he goes. And guess who is taking a shower? And thus the shower scene made famous in Psycho only it's Sam instead of Marion. Creepy and awesome.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Norman: The only secret between us is that you don't exist. I made you up. My mother is not here. Now get out of my way.
Mother: If I'm not here, then why am I here?
Norman: Because of the girl who checked in. Because she's attractive. You see? Now I'm starting to understand it all now.

Mother: What kind of game are we playing tonight, Norman?
Norman: It's not a game. I'm insane. Can't keep things straight. I forgot that I cleaned up.
Mother: You're mad because I left.
Norman: I'm not mad. Except in a British sense of the word like the Mad Hatter. In that way I am mad. But the world is full of mad people that function, many of whom are heads of state so I think I can manage running a motel.