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Norman is out for a drive, noticing a do not pick up hitchhikers sign because of the proximity to the prison.

He's on the way to see Romero.

Romero is doing dishes in the prison kitchen.

Norman taunts the good, former Sheriff. He knows what it's like to be somewhere being watched all the time because Romero put him there. He doesn't believe it was his mother's decision.

Is there anything more beautiful than Romero threatening Norman?

Dylan is very upset that his father left without leaving a note. Emma admits she talked to Caleb, telling him his hanging around would have put too much pressure on Dylan's relationship with Katie. She's still under the impression if Caleb leaves, Katie can live in an honest, open world.

Dylan's face goes dark when Emma mentions her mother, the life he believes was snuffed out by his very own brother. There is no denying certain truths in that family.

Caleb arrives at the Bates house. If he didn't know about Norma before, he's about to find out.

Caleb does into the back door and sees the facade Norman has been living. There are two plates of unfinished food on the kitchen table and a full bowl of dog food on the floor. He proceeds upstairs, screaming out for Norma.

In her bedroom, the bed looks used. Norman's is pristine, a book on the bed covers. Caleb leaves without further investigation.

Romero gets into a fight in the kitchen, taking out his anger on anybody who dares get in his way. If the result of this fight is any indication, it's best he doesn't provoke Norman.

Norman is at a coffee shop in town, known by no one in the shop. He's watching Madelyn. Ms. Loomis is working at her hardware store in her vintage clothing. Norman did his homework, as she's on her way to the shop. He didn't cover his face with the newspaper all that convincingly, though.

She's interested in discussing what happened at the meeting he missed: preserving the architectural history of the village. She wants to set him up with someone, Joanne, because it would be fun for all of them. Her husband doesn't know many people there, and she thought it would be a win-win.

Norman is shocked to discover David Davidson is Sam Loomis, Madelyn's husband. Sam isn't too pleased himself.Norman's very excited at the prospect of getting her cheating husband at dinner with the girl of his dreams.

Who does a guy have to kill to make things go his way, anyhow?

When Norman arrives home, Mother is learning French. Norman sure has an active imagination.

She wonders why Norman was gone so long when Norman admits he was visiting Romero. She assures Norman he can take are of Romero when he gets out and Norman wonders if she still has feelings for him when there's a knock at the door. It's Chick with fresh apples for Norman, who hears him carrying on an airborne discussion.

Chick brought to Norman a bird to stuff, and they're off to the basement. Chick wants to help Norman turn animals into art and sell them. 

Caleb finds out in one of the worst ways that Norma is dead.

Sam Loomis travels to Bates Motel to threaten Norman. He shall be quite sad he did that.

Caleb visits Norma's grave, falling down beside it in tears, hugging the stone.

Norman jaunts off to another "business meeting" leaving Mother behind. Joanne is very cute, but Norman only has eyes for Madelyn.

Sam has a moment of kindness at dinner when he expresses his apologies for the death of Norma. But if not for her death, Norman would have never learned French, being able to order the French wine with a lovely accent.

In the bathroom, Mother appears in a jaunty cap and raincoat. Norman shuffles her back out of the window.

Romero is in the process of being transferred to a work camp due to the threats upon his life, as a former law enforcement agent, in prison.

Mother wonders why Madelyn looks like her but ten years younger. She gets out of the car and heads to the bar to get a drink. Norman is in full Mother mode, seeing "herself" in the mirror behind the bar. She's even flirting with the 

Chick is writing a book about Norman, meanwhile, in a completely different bar when Caleb walks in.

Caleb is not in the mood to be messed with at the moment. Chick thinks it's funny that Caleb is talking like that when he's the one who was left for dead, all his money stolen. Caleb goes ballistic. Chick throws the rape out on the table and Caleb snaps. Chick can't believe Caleb just found out about Norma's death. 

Caleb says he warned Norma about Norman, but she wouldn't listen. Chick says maybe Caleb doesn't know Norman the way he thinks he does. Caleb says Norman is not going to get away with it. 

Caleb arrives back at the house just after Norman has been picking out dresses for himself as Mother. This isn't going to be pretty.

Caleb finds Norma in the basement, but Mother beats him over the head. Chick comes up from behind with the only expletive he can muster. Holy Shit. 


Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Norma, you home?

Caleb [knocking loudly]

I'm coming for you when you least expect it, so don't get too cozy at that house up there all by yourself.