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Norman is getting his pictures and prints taken. 

Emma shows up at the hotel where Dylan is staying. He tells her about her mom and that he believes it was Norman who did the dirty deed.

The cops have descended on the hotel and house looking for evidence. They find Audrey's suitcase and Chick's dead body.

Romero is already gone.

Dylan and Emma talk about Norman and what's going on.

Emma wants to leave, but Dylan convinces her to stay.

Norman meets with his lawyer and talks about the case. The lawyer wants him to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.  They discuss more details. 

Emma is talking to her father on the phone. Emma is a basket case. Julia knocks on the door and wants to give Dylan an update, but Emma is being a real bitch. Emma is not happy about Dylan working to defend his brother.

He wants her to go away. She tells him he wants him at the preliminary hearing, but he says he can't do it. He's conflicted because of Emma.

Emma is not happy. She's at the funeral home to discuss her mother's remains and learns that Norma is buried there. She goes to her grave site.

Dylan is back at the hotel looking at pictures on his phone still conflicted about what to do. He leaves.

Romero is driving. he's almost on empty and stops at a gas station in town. A guy starts talking to him and then leaves. Romero sees a newspaper that Norman was picked up for murder.

Dylan shows up in court. He sits, but not behind Norman. The proceedings begin. First one up is Sheriff Greene. Madeline is there as well. 

Dylan leaves the courtroom so does Madeline. They talk in the hallway and Madeline lets him have it.

Romero returns to Maggie's place. She tries to convince him to let Norman go and let the law handle it. She wants to live with him in her family's cabin. He leaves anyway. He wants Norman dead.

Emma watches Audrey get cremated. She takes Audrey's ashes to the woods and dumps them. 

Emma returns to the hotel. Dylan is there already in bed sleeping. She's going to go home tomorrow. She wants to be with their daughter. Dylan is going to stay.

Emma goes to the prison to see Norman. Emma sees the personality change and asks Norma where Norman is. She wants to talk to Norman, but Norma won't let her.

Alex gets into the cop station to get to Norman. Romero finds Norman. They leave. He wants him to take him to her body.


Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Everyone has multiple personalities, Julia. We put out what we need when we have to.


I'm so sorry, Emma. I never wanted to bring you anything but happiness.