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It's Breakfast Day at Battle Creek ... or something. Of course, Russ hates it. Milt loves it. Holly loves it, as well. Then, shots fired! Way to ruin the 31st annual holiday.

Milt has a gunfire locator system and Russ is amazed. But, at least Milt had it installed after Russ was shot. That's kind of sweet. The gun was remotely triggered, making their suspects everyone who owns a cell phone.

While the squad runs down the facts, Russ holds up cards on which he has already written down all of the facts he knew they would find. When Milt has evidence Russ doesn't, Holly has information to deflate it, making Russ smile.

The Mayor is having a ball with the kid who saved his life, offering to give him his own street. He offers to name the one his bully walks down so he has to do it every day. 

When Russ arrives back at the precinct with the crackpot file from the mayor, the digital crime board is already in full action courtesy of Milt. It's hard to deny the appeal. 

When the Mayor is kidnapped from his room, Russ and Milt are out of business when Russ' car fails to run. When Milt gets video from a nurse, Russ wonders if he flirted with him as they ran past the nurses station. When the Mayor's brother reveals an app tracks his brother's phone, Milt mumbles it's still technology, while Russ snaps back it's 99 cents. 

Russ and Milt find the Mayor only to learn he kidnapped himself so he could smoke crack. The Mayor learns he hasn't been paying, after all, because his buyer has been buying on credit to use the money to save his grandma.

Russ and Milt continue to argue over the technology or not stance, each assuming the other's point is invalid because of whether or not they have it.

After all of this, Mayor Hardy was never the target, it was the Tom Cat mascot., Sam McPherson. The boy was targeted for being gay. SamCat was harassing him out of jealousy.

The shooter was the Mayor's brother, who shot Sam to throw the suspicion off himself.

So much stuff. Mayor Hardy's brother was angry he was smoking it all away. That makes sense. Even after the story the brothers still have love for each other.

Milt thinks lies help create a better reality and Russ disagrees. 





Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Milt: Russ, I want you to know that I agree with you.
Russ: That's very reassuring.
Milt: The digital crime board is just a piece of technology, it's a tool, nothing more.
Russ: It's a piece of useless technology, it's a crutch and you're a tool.

Mayor: Agent Chamberlain, sit right here. We have a seat of honor for Battle Creek's newest guest!
Russ: He's not a guest. Guests leave. [chuckles]