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Flashback to when Danny (Kim's adopted son) watched his parents killed in front of him. He goes to Agent Chamberlin to talk about it. He doesn't think they got the right guys. He's even afraid to ask Russ.

What are the odds? A guy Danny was in prison right in front of him while he was in the tank for missing parole is talking to himself about being in the joint for not doing it. He had a chance to express remorse and it would have all been fine. 

When Milt goes to visit Clarence, he says Prelude Pete saw him outside the hotel room. He was a dude with wavy hair and a thin mustache, the kind that makes you look like a slow learner.

The guy Milt chats with about what went down who was in Kim's position back then showed Danny one photo, of Clarence, and was assured that did the trick.

Kim isn't happy to learn Milt has reopened the case. Danny is even more angry at Kim for not sharing with him the letters Clarence tried sending the kid in the closet. He wants to know who killed his parents so maybe he can escape the idea of being a drug addled loser. Kim thinks he should stop blaming his problems on people who died 17 years ago.

Holly's flower guy wants to take her on a 5-day cruise.

Prelude Pete ODed 13 years ago.

Danny shows up at the motel when Russ and Milt go to look at it. Danny's parents were nice and Rosalee was cleaning their rooms. They met Clarence and went back to their old worlds. Maybe Eli, a 13 year old kid did it.

Funk and Erin look up Holly's info and learn she has a record. 

When Russ gets back to the station, Pritchett is telling tales about him and everyone is listening and laughing. Russ wants to get Clarence off so he can beat Pritchett down for not doing his job. Milt tells Russ to tone it down.

When they meet with Eli, Eli says Rosalee was a hooker and Kyle never cared about her tricks. He suggests the look at the motel owner. Eli says their story about free rent for cleaning the rooms was crap and they got killed because she was paying the rent by having sex with Patel and he was angry.

Russ goes to Danny's with photos of his parents, and finds Danny strung out. 

Patel says he fell in love with Rosalee. He lawyers up before he cracks. Pritchett takes that as a win. Milt knows that Danny can identify the killer. Russ and Kim are totally against it. Milt is adamant and suddenly Danny is back in the closet. Kim even has the bear he was holding all that time ago.

Danny recalls a struggle that was never in the police report. If they exhume the body, it's possible they can match with Patel.

Danny's biological father was the killer and he's still out there. They find the real killer. Devon. It's Leon Rippy from Saving Grace. Bokeem Woodbine.

Holly Go Darkly. What?

Pritchett remains a total douche when he thanks everyone but Russ for his hard work.

Kim admits she's an alcoholic. She got sober because Pritchett handed Danny to her. 

Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Kim: Why are you suddenly so obsessed with this?
Danny: Why am I so obsessed with my parents' murder? Because if it wasn't a drug killing, then maybe my parents weren't a couple of drug-addicted losers. Maybe I don't have to be one, either.

Milt: Why does everyone always have to have an ulterior motive, Russ?
Russ: Because everyone has an ulterior motive, Milton.