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When a prisoner breaks out of a local prison with just days before his release, Milt and Russ disagree over whether the guy has issues making him run or he's just an idiot.

Russ just wants Milt to admit that he needs him. When he dies, it's to say he needs an evidence kit. Russ goes to get it and the escapee take Russ hostage. Whoops.

The guy, Mitchell, leaves Russ without telling him why he wanted to be out. Russ tries to play fetch with a dog for a saw to saw his way out of cuffs.

The commander tries to remember what she and Russ used to play when they imagined getting kidnapped. Russ would play the diabetic card.

Except Mitchell gets him dog insulin and because of that he passes out. Suddenly he's chained up on the dining room table with juice, jelly beans and snacks. Russ tries calling her life alert button but Mitchell has had it rerouted.

Milt is on TV offering to switch himself as hostages and Mitchell is seriously thinking of taking him up on his offer and they engage in a serious conversation about gestures.

Just as Russ saws himself free, Milt arrives and Russ leans into Milt in a quasi hug that is worthy of a rewind.

Of course, Milt uses the term rescue you with Russ and an argument is about to go down over who won Russ' release.

When the get to Susan's house, Russ is certain they broke free and weren't kidnapped. Now we know why Mitchell broke out. He promised his brother he would see his niece get married. 

Why didn't she just postpone it for a week? Because her fiance is in the military and ships out tomorrow. Suddenly, Russ is walking down the aisle chained to his new friend and both him and Milt are wiping tears from their eyes.

Back at the station, Milt asks Russ to grab a beer and he turns him down. Flash to Mitchell happy to have kept a promise to his dying brother no matter the cost and to Russ, alone in his apartment, drinking a beer.

Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Commander: You're putting us in charge?
Milt: No, I can't do that, but I want this investigation driven by the people to whom it matters the most. That's us! Or...you. The people who care about Russ the most.

Russ: You're not really thinkin' about taking Milt up on his offer, are you?
Mitchell: Would that be a bad thing? For you?
Russ: I can't go through the rest of my life knowing that man saved me. He's a narcissistic, manipulative ass that the whole world treats like a God when it is really just the exact opposite.
Mitchell: Can I give you some advice?
Russ: Sure.
Mitchell: Stop being a douche.