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When you watch Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 10 online you'll dig even deeper into the relationship of Russ and Milt than ever before as a result of Russ being kidnapped. Will this be the wakeup call he needs to stop being such an ass when it comes to Milt or will it make things even worse between the men? Find out when you watch Battle Creek online via TV Fanatic.

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On Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 10, when Russ is taken captive by an escaped convict, Milt and the rest of the department work overtime to get him back.

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Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Commander: You're putting us in charge?
Milt: No, I can't do that, but I want this investigation driven by the people to whom it matters the most. That's us! The people who care about Russ the most.

Russ: You're not really thinkin' about taking Milt up on his offer, are you?
Mitchell: Would that be a bad thing? For you?
Russ: I can't go through the rest of my life knowing that man saved me. He's a narcissistic, manipulative ass that the whole world treats like a God when it is really just the exact opposite.
Mitchell: Can I give you some advice?
Russ: Sure.
Mitchell: Stop being a douche.