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Kate attacks the Beth that surprises her in her office, scaring her off.

In Crows custody, Alice flashback to a birthday in captivity where Mouse brings her a kitten.

Sophie reveals to Kate that Mary saw "Beth" as well. Mary, Luke, and Kate examine the bag Beth left in the office and discover she has the exact same fingerprints as Alice. Checking her phone, they find selfies of Beth and Kate. Kate theorizes to Luke that Beth is another's Earth's version of her sister, dropped into their world with the collapse of the multi-verse.

Kate tracks Beth down to the swings by the waffle stand in the park and they reconcile.

Alice requests her copy of "Alice in Wonderland" while she is in holding. Sophie denies the request unless Alice confesses to framing Jacob. Alice warns her that her party is already in the works.

Mouse kidnaps the sons of the Commissioner and Mayor, demanding the return of Alice.

Kate explains to Beth the mult-verse theory over drinks at her bar. They compare the differences in their respective histories.

Despite the boys kidnapping, the GCPD refuses to turn on the Bat Signal. It is suspected the this is because Batwoman came out as a lesbian.

Sophie brings Alice her book. Alice reminisces about watching Mouse's father try to build him a new face.

Kate sets out on her motorbike to find the kidnapped boys but gets hit by a truck driven by the Wonderland Gang, led by Mouse.

She wakes up bound to the steering wheel of a car with the boys in the backseat.

Mouse calls Sophie to speak to Alice and let them know that he has Kate now as well. Kate tells Sophie "Let Alice go" twice very clearly.

In Wayne Tower, Beth comes looking for Kate and finds Luke. He tells her Kate has been kidnapped by Mouse because of Alice.

Back in holding, Alice expects to be let go but Sophie explains that when Kate repeats a direction, it means to do the opposite. Alice tells Sophie about the secret codes she and Mouse had for getting around his father and how his father found and killed the kitten and ruined her book.

At Wayne Tower, Beth decides to play Alice in order to save Kate.

Alice tells Sophie about finding out that her father had remarried and how Mouse's father discovered that she was good with sewing and teaches her to make faces out of human skin for Mouse.

Mary helps Beth turn into Alice and it kind of freaks her out. Beth apologizes for what Alice did.

In the scrapyard, Mouse prepares to burn the car that Kate and the boys are in by pouring gasoline all over it. Beth dressed as Alice approaches and reminds him that he promised to let his hostages go if she was released. Mouse becomes suspicious and gives the childhood code line but Beth doesn't know it and he throws her in the trunk of the car.

Kate escapes at this point and fights off the gang. Mouse becomes impaled on some rebar but manages to light his lighter and set the car on fire still. Kate frees the boys in the back seat and manages to get Beth out at the last second as well.

In Alice's flashback, Mouse brings her book back to her with some fishing line so they can repair it. Beth takes the book and assumes the persona of Alice at that moment, renaming Johnny Mouse.

In the present, Sophie tries one last time to reason with Alice but gives up and tells the Crows to take her to Arkham. Once they've left the room, Sophie realizes Alice left her book behind. When she picks it up, the pages fall out and she realizes Alice armed herself with the fishing line in the binding of the book and rushes out to find her Crows dead. Alice holds her at gunpoint but doesn't kill her.

In the aftermath, the Crows have Mouse in custody in the hospital after his surgery. 

On the steps of the GCPD, Gotham citizens demand they turn on the Bat Signal.

Mary, Luke, and Beth throw a surprise party for Kate. Suddenly Beth doubles over in terrible pain.

Elsewhere, at the same moment, Alice experiences the same pain as well.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Welcome to the world we live in. I'm going to save them anyway.


Alice: Turns out we were both trapped in that awful place.
Sophie: I was in that house. Can't imagine what years in that place must've been like.
Alice: But you do know what it's like to feel trapped, don't you, Sophie?