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A knife-wielding Arkham, Titan, escapee attacks a subway car full of people, killing one man. Jacob attempts to disarm him and Kate jumps in as well. The killer gets away.

Mouse tells Alice he wants to leave Gotham. Alice urges patience. Hush wants a better face. Alice complies.

Luke shows Kate a shard of Kryptonite Bruce was keeping in the Bat Cave. Luke believes it is the only shard of the element on Earth and that if he destroys it, Batwoman will be safe.

Mary debriefs Titan with Kate and cautions against suiting up in case Jacob makes good on his promise of war.

Alice visits a geology professor about Kryptonite and he informs her that the only piece he'd ever analyzed was returned to Lucius Fox. Alice kills him and leaves.

Batwoman goes to talk to Titan's brother, Apollo. Titan arrives to kill Apollo. Batwoman fights him but he gets past her and severs his brother's spine.

In an interview afterward, Jacob publicly reaffirms his intention to arrest Batwoman.

Luke finds a connection between Titan and the man he killed on the subway. The team believes that Titan will be after his old coach next.

Mouse threatens to leave Gotham without Alice.

Mary lights the Bat Signal to attract the Crows and then gives herself up. She hands Jacob a phone and Batwoman offers to work with the Crows to take down Titan. They bait a trap with Coach Donahue.

Alice and Mouse try a trauma bond exorcise by burning the Alice in Wonderland book. Mouse's nose starts to bleed and he realizes that Alice has poisoned him.

Sophie and Julia discover that Batwoman and Jacob have teamed up and Sophie is suspicious. She tells Julia to warn Batwoman to watch her back.

In the stadium, the power gets cut and Titan begins picking off the Crows. Batwoman fights him and talks him out of his rage. The Crows shoot him down and then target Batwoman. They open fire and Batwoman fires a grappling hook up and escapes as Sophie and Julia arrive.

At Crows headquarters, Sophie confronts Jacob about sidelining her. He rejects her arguments about Batwoman giving hope to the city.

Julia shares the danger she's in from Safiyah with Sophie.

Mary and Kate commiserate back at Wayne Tower. Luke brings in the dust remains of the Kryptonite shard but Kate reveals that she has the shard she was keeping for Supergirl.

Alice fits Hush with his new face and turns him into Bruce Wayne.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Luke: You are holding the only shard of Kryptonite on the planet.
Kate: Why was this in a puddle in the Bat Cave?
Luke: Safe keeping. Bruce was holding onto it for a friend.
Kate: Lemme guess. Tights. Cape. Big 'S' on his chest?

Alice: Bats! What is happening? Why are they here?
Mouse: Because bats eat rats, Alice. And that's what we are down here. We are rats living among rats.