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Kate recounts the search for her sister's body after the car fell into the river. She believes that Beth could still be alive. Meanwhile, Jacob pulls out all the stops to find the villain Alice and the traitor Crow, Dodgson.

While the Crows and Alice's henchmen do battle, Batwoman comes after the henchmen to try to track down Alice but the Crows interupt her interrogation and then kill the henchman when he pulls a gun on them.

Kate returns to the Batcave where Luke berates her for being careless in her patrols. At the breakfast table, Jacob scolds her for not joining the Crows and Kate responds be revealing her theory that Alice is Beth. Both Jacob and Catherine try to convince her that Beth is dead.

Alice and her henchmen have set up a hideout in a home, holding the residents hostage. She still plans on targeting Jacob Kane and confirms that he is her father and that her vendetta is because he gave up on looking for her. She's also upset that the knife she threw at Batwoman still hasn't been recovered.

In flashback, Jacob promises a young Kate that he'll never stop looking for Beth.

In the Batcave, Lucius tells Kate that Wayne Enterprises has the equipment to test DNA but he doesn't know how to run the equipment because he's really just a watchman.

Kate visits Sophie at the Crows' HQ where Sophie asks her if she was wearing the Batman costume. Kate denies it and, noticing her dad watching, asks if they can go somewhere private. Alone, she gives Sophie Alice's knife and asks her to test the DNA on it. Sophie says she can't in case Jacob finds out.

Just as Kate tells Sophie she would have tried to stop her wedding if she'd known about it, Alice's henchmen arrive and using smoke bombs, they manage to reclaim Alice's knife and take off.

While Jacob is berating them for bringing Alice's henchmen into the Crow's HQ, he gets an update on a henchman that got away the night before, disappearing near Mary's secret clinic.

Kate finds the henchman at the clinic and sets him free with a message for Alice,"Waffles."

The Crows review footage of Dodgson and Jacob realizes he knows where the gang is hiding.

Kate calls and asks Sophie to slow down the Crows while she goes to the old waffle stand in the park to see if Alice knows what her message meant.

Arriving at the waffle stand, Kate remembers telling her father as a child that she felt responsible for Beth's death while the two of them sat at the nearby picnic table months after Beth's disappearance.

The Crows storm the house where Alice and her henchmen were earlier but the gang is gone, the residents murdered. Sophie asks Jacob how he knew and he says that this was the house Beth and Kate grew up in, where the Kane family lived.

Alice arrives in the park. Kate questions her and realizes the henchmen didn't jump her for the knife on Alice's orders.

While Jacob orders the Crows to search for Alice, Sophie lets him know that Alice is at the waffle stand.

Kate and Alice talk and Alice offers her a DNA sample for testing but the Crows arrive and Kate blocks their shot with her body. She refuses to let them shoot Alice and the Crows take her into custody alive instead. Before the doors close, Alice hints that she's done something to Mary.

Mary's waiting for Kate in her clinic when the lights go out. Dodgson attacks her but she fights him off and locks herself in her office. He tries to break through the door with an axe but Batwoman arrives and knocks him out.

The power comes back on and the television news is showing live footage of the Crow's motorcade escorting Alice to Arkham. Suddenly, the transport is attacked and the van Alice is riding in is blown into the river. Batwoman pulls her out and gives her a Bat-rebreather but the Crows are shooting and the van and it blows up, the shockwave knocking the women apart.

Seeing the police approaching Batwoman's location on the Batcave surveillance screen, Luke tries everything to revive her. She wakes up just before being discovered.

Kate checks in on Mary who is still shaken and scared by Dodgson's attack. She asks Kate to tell Alice that she isn't a threat.

At Crow HQ, Jacob tells Kate once again to drop the idea that Alice is Beth. In flashback, he finds young Kate curled up with the search map and breaks down in tears. When Kate wakes up he tells her that bone fragments matching Beth's DNA were found and that they have to resign themselves that Beth is dead. Kate calls him a traitor.

In the Crow HQ hallway, Sophie catches up with Kate and advises her that Alice is dangerous. Kate accuses her of selling her out just like at the military college. Sophie tells Kate that they are no longer a thing and that Kate needs to move on.

Kate and Luke debrief about how everything went down and Kate lets him know that Alice didn't send her henchmen after the knife so there's someone else in play.

Catherine sits in a park with a security agent and tells him to get rid of Alice's knife.

Batwoman has Dodgson strung up in a sewer and prepares to interrogate him.

Alice leaves a bat in a box for Kate to find and a note revealing she knows that Kate is Batwoman.

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