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Alice commentates while Jacob buries August Cartwright. She takes over for him while he checks on Kate but when he tries to stop Alice from going off alone to find Mouse, he discovers that Alice has stolen his gun.

Kate notices the Bat Signal is lit.

When dealling with a thug, Batwoman nearly loses control and Kate suffers a panic attack once he limps off.

Kate doesn't share the truth about Cartwright with Luke. Luke gets news that Reggie Harris' court date has been moved up to that day.

Alice returns to her headquarters to find all her henchmen dead and a note from Coryana.

Jacob shares all the information on Reggie Harris with Sophie so she can investigate The Crows.

Kate's reliving Cartwright's murder when Alice comes to ask for help. She promises to leave Gotham once she has Mouse with her again. She admits someone has killed all her henchmen. Kate agrees to help.

Jacob shares info on Mouse's movements. He was seen at Arkham. 

Kate and Alice visit one of Mouse's former nurses from Arkham and wait in her house in case he shows up.

In the courthouse, Luke is nervously waiting for the trial to begin when Mary shows up for support.

Sophie checks in with the owner of the shop where Reggie Harris supposedly killed Lucius Fox. The owner is dead and someone takes a shot at Sophie but Julia Pennyworth knock her out of the way just in time although she gets shot in the arm.

Mouse arrives at the nurse's house but the Crows show up to apprehend him before Alice and Kate can administer the adrenaline. Jacob subdues him and sends him back to Arkham. Turns out the nurse called The Crows.

Alice and Kate get back to the bar and Alice shares her plan to break Mouse out of Arkham. Kate realizes that Alice set her up to kill Cartwright and attacks her.

In the courtroom, the judge deems Harris' case worth of a retrial.

Alice and Kate talk in the aftermath of the fight. Kate agrees to help reunite Alice with Mouse but she has to promise no one gets killed.

They divert Arkham security's attention with a fake bomb under a linen truck and use an underground passage to access the asylum, wearing Wonderfland gang rabbit masks.

Sophie takes Julia to Mary's clinic to get patched up.

Luke confronts Reggie on the street. A sniper takes him out while they're talking.

Alice gets one of the keys needed to rescue Mouse from Dr. Butler. Kate gets the other off of the head of security.

They get into Mouse's cell but while Alice is releasing Mouse, Kate locks her in. Jacob arrives and it's clear he knew what was happening.

Jacob lets Kate know that he moved August's body so Alice doesn't have anything on them. Kate has a breakdown and they hug it out.

Luke comes to Mary's clinic and tells her about Reggie being shot. She tells him that someone killed the store owner as well. They realize that Lucius Fox's killer is still out there.

Julia and Sophie are set up in a cheap motel to hide when Sophie tells Julia about the case. Julia immediately leaves to check on Luke. Sophie calls Jacob to check in and while they're talking, a sniper takes a shot at Jacob. Jacob shoots the sniper but isn't able to question him.

Julia finds Kate drinking, sitting on a ledge. They kiss.

In Arkham, Alice and Mouse are locked down in separate calls.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

I went to a dark place, Bruce, to avenge Beth, Alice, my Mom. But in saving my sister, I became more like her. And in taking out a killer, I became one myself.


So the monster who ripped this family apart all those years ago has brought us all back together. Oh, Irony, you are one SICK bitch!