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Three cars race to a False Face supplies pick up and deliver to Angelique being held prisoner in a lab. Black Mask warns her that if she isn't able to recreate Ocean's recipe for Snakebite, he'll kill her.

Sophie and Ryan argue over how to save Angelique.

Luke lets Ryan know that the False Face Society still needs fear toxin for their restocking of Snakebite. Ryan plans to be waiting when they make their move.

Alice pretends to be Dr. Rhyme to a new patient. Rhyme arrives and Alice kills the patient in order to confront the doctor with her alter ego, Enigma. Alice informs her that she needs her memories of Kate erased too.

Batwoman interrupts the False Face drivers. She grabs one driver and it turns out to be Sophie. The interruption burns the info on the heist, foiling Sophie's chances of finding the drop-off location.

Enigma psychoanalyzes Alice, recommending her not to erase Kate from her memory. Under Alice's insistence, she proposes a method that might work.

Sophie reports to Jacob, only to find Agent Tavaroff in his office too. She admits that the heist was called off. Jacob feels that she's making Angelique's recovery personal and decides to put Tavaroff in charge. He blows up at Sophie when she tries to ask him what's wrong.

Sophie discusses the situation with Ryan and tells her that they need a driver. They agree to work together.

Enigma puts Alice under hypnosis and she finds herself back in a car with thirteen-year-old Kate. Alice tries to convince Kate she never actually cared for her and makes her disappear but the driver turns out to be Ocean and then Kate reappears.

She comes out of the trance and isn't happy with Enigma's service so far.

Sophie and Ryan look over Mary's Porsche and go over the plan to find Angelique.

Sophie has Luke interview Ryan to set up a persona to get her into the False Face Society. Ryan and Luke pretend not to know each other.

Enigma tries to convince Alice that her hallucinations of Kate and Ocean are signs that she is capable of emotional attachment. Alice refutes that and demands that Enigma rid her of her memories.

Ryan undergoes the False Face screening. They give her a phone and a mask. She's hired.

Before the heist, Sophie ("Crowphie" on Ryan's phone) calls to try to call it off because of a drone that's tracking the drivers. Ryan decides to try to plant the tracker without stopping the car. Using the Batmobile override, Luke drives the car while Ryan crawls into the back.

Crows start chasing and Tavaroff starts shooting. Luke manages to lose them. Ryan makes the delivery.

Luke and Ryan meet at her apartment on Sophie's request but she's not there. They realize that she's going after the False Face Society on her own.

Enigma puts Alice under again. She finds herself making out with Ocean and he asks her why she killed him.

Back in the office, Ocean bursts in the door, confusing both Alice and Enigma. Alice and Ocean have a verbal confrontation and then fight. Enigma uses a codeword to incapacitate them both by returning their memories and she leaves.

Sophie heads into the False Face base alone and Black Mask gets the drop on her.

Batwoman arrives and fights Black Mask while Sophie frees herself. They get him in hand but then he reveals a camera feed on a False Face with a gun on Angelique. If they don't let him go, Angelique dies.

At her lab, Angelique admits she doesn't have Ocean's technique and the Snakebite might be deadly. Black Mask moves to kill her but she offers to help him find Ocean.

Ocean reveals he's in town to find Batwoman's Desert Rose plant. Alice admits to her feelings for him.

Sophie inspects Mary's car and finds the Batmobile com box.

Tavaroff reviews the fight footage and finds a pool of Batwoman's blood.

Sophie recovers the recording of Luke and Ryan talking during the heist and realizes that Ryan is Batwoman.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Enigma: Whether you admit it or not, Kate matters to you. Erasing her will radically change your personality.
Alice: Yeah. I'll stop hallucinating.

The final ingredient will be delivered soon, and if I've gone through all this trouble just to find out you can't cook after all... Well, at least I have what I need to dissolve your body.

Black Mask