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Black Mask meets with Enigma and a bandaged Kate Kane. He reveals himself as Roman Sionis.

He and Enigma admire a mask on the table. He removes Kate's bandage and comments on how this mask was his daughter's. He plans to use it to shape Kate into his daughter's image. He puts it on her.

Kate insists on her own identity but Enigma steps in and commands Kate to remember only the memories of Circe Sionis. Kate struggles against it but Enigma enacts multiple triggers and Kate passes out.

Enigma warns Roman that she wasn't able to replicate Circe's voice as Kate's larynx was damaged during her kidnapping and torture.

Kate regains consciousness and addresses Roman as "Dad". He reminds her that she was terribly burned when she broke out of Arkham.

Alice wakes up in bed with Ocean. She tries to sneak out but finds a False Face on the doorstep, looking for Ocean. She attacks him but more arrives and she gets knocked out with a tazer. She watches, helpless, as they beat down Ocean.

Sophie digs into Ryan and compares pictures of her with pictures of Batwoman. She talks to Tavaroff about the blood sample he took.

Jacob is taking Snakebite when Sophie confronts him. He throws her out.

Luke is tracking the video feed to find Angelique's location when the Batsignal is activated.

Sophie tells Batwoman that the Crows have her blood. Batwoman tells her the sample needs to be destroyed and that she's going to save Angelique.

Luke and Mary argue with Batwoman about priorities.

Batwoman finds Alice torturing gang members. They team up to save Ocean and Angelique.

Sophie goes to the DNA testing lab where they're close to completing the analysis.

Luke and Mary are frustrated with Batwoman teaming up with Alice. Sophie calls, needing a Plan B because there are too many people watching for her to destroy the sample.

Batwoman and Alice find the boat where Ocean and Angelique are being held. Both cooks are tethered with ropes from the ceiling.

They are forced to cook the correct Snakebite recipe for a camera recording.

Alice attracts the attention of the gang members so that Batwoman can fight them.

Mary drops in on Sophie with a gift from Luke to destroy the sample data. This clues Sophie in on Mary's connection to Batwoman. The drive needs to be plugged into Jacob's computer so Mary goes to distract him.

Alice and Batwoman take out the False Face members. Batwoman realizes Alice cares for Ocean.

Black Mask watches from his home as Angelique and Ocean make the Snakebite. Batwoman uses the radio to lure the rest of the False Face Society to the North Dock. She and Alice spend the time psychoanalyzing each other.

When the gang members leave the boat, Batwoman leaves Alice cuffed to the support in the warehouse.

Sophie calls Luke for tech support on how to destroy the data. The sample completes its analysis but Sophie realizes that they're uploading a large collection of DNA files at the same time as Batwoman's. She refuses to corrupt all the files.

Mary shows Jacob her newly certified clinic. Jacob starts to feel a Snakebite withdrawal spasm and Mary notices. He leaves, leaving Mary a little confused.

Kate, as Circe, approaches Alice with a couple of knives in hand and wants to know where Batwoman is. She holds a knife on Alice who tells her where to find Batwoman. Kate/Circe walks away.

Sophie wipes Ryan's record just as Tavaroff runs the national database. The search returns no matches.

The False Face guard shoots Ocean in the stomach just before Batwoman arrives. She gets them up and out, not telling Ocean about Alice. After they leave, Kate/Circe arrives. She's about to beat Batwoman when Alice arrives and knocks her out from behind.

Kate/Circe revives and gets Alice in a stranglehold. Batwoman starts to leave. Alice confesses she remembers Mama Cora but Batwoman still leaves.

Sophie returns to Jacob's office to hide her activities and is returning the laptop to the safe when she finds an empty box of Snakebite in there too. She finds the used syringe in the trash.

Sophie visits Mary at her clinic. She shows her the syringe. Mary doesn't believe he's using Snakebite.

Angelique comes to Ryan's apartment and they clear the air. Angelique asks Ryan to come into witness protection with her. Ryan declines and they say goodbye.

Alice wakes up in the Sionis mansion, tied to a chair. Black Mask and Kate/Circe walk in. After initially order Circe to shoot Alice, Black Mask decides to keep her in the cellar for a while instead. Kate/Circe takes an intense look at Alice and then knocks her out with the pistol.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

How about this? You two call Sophie, y'all put your heads together, and save my future. I'll be here kicking some False Face ass, saving my past.


Masks have taken on various meanings over time. Deceit. Disguise. Cheap entertainment. But as Jung once said, we all wear masks, both to create an impression upon others, but also to hide our own true natures.

Black Mask