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Ryan's suffering from her kryptonite wound, getting care from Mary in the Batcave. The kryptonite reaches her brain and fills her mind with images of her killing Alice.

Tatiana meets with Alice. Alice presents the Ocean corpse for her and then knocks her out.

Jacob debriefs with Sophie about the map and the goons who took it. He's tracked them back to Dr. Rogers who is connected to Hamilton Dynamics.

Tatiana wakes up and Alice demands she explain the memory gaps she and Ocean have.

In a flashback, Alice and Safiyah's first conversation is shown.

Safiyah has Ocean train Alice in order to make her a loyal soldier, but instead, he became a point of contention.

Mary and Luke try to figure out a way to get the Desert Rose to Ryan. Meanwhile, she jumps up and drives away.

Ocean and Alice started out hating each other.

As Batwoman drives, Ryan hallucinates her dead mother. She ends up at Angelique's condo where she finds her with another woman dressed in the panda housecoat. As Batwoman, she demands Angelique teel her where to find Ocean.

Angelique pushes her off the fire escape and she lands on top of a car. Mary and Luke arrive and take the unconscious Batwoman away despite a police helicopter warning them off.

Mary insists she drive the Batmobile and Luke eventually gives in.

Unconscious, Ryan has a nightmare about Alice.

Mary sends Luke for supplies.

Tatiana reveals that Safiyah was in love with Alice.

In flashback, Safiyah shares the information about the Desert Rose with Alice. She shares the secret that her blood causes the rose to bloom.

Jacob, Sophie, and a bunch of Crows swarm Garnick Industries. They find Rogers and his entire board dead.

Ryan wakes up in Mary's care. She insists she needs to take Alice down before she dies.

Sophie and Jacob look for the map but find ashes instead with a note from Safiyah.

In flashback, Alice shares her past with Ocean. He urges her to let it go. Ocean shows her that he's stolen Desert Rose seeds. He asks her to come with him when he escapes and provides the world with its miracle cure. They kiss.

Tatiana sees them. In the present, Alice isn't impressed by the reveal.

Mary tries to convince Ryan to rest while Ryan is intent on tracking down Ocean and Alice. She convinces Mary to let her go after Alice.

Safiyah punishes Ocean and Alice by using Enigma's powers of hypnosis to take Alice's memories of love for Ocean and her burgeoning humanity to turn her into the psychopathic Alice who first arrived in Gotham.

Alice gives Tatiana the key to her cuffs and goes to get ready to meet Safiyah.

Batwoman scans the north side for the power surge Ocean's mushrooms draw. Alice is with him, debriefing on what she's learned.

Ocean heads out, leaving Alice to her plans.

Luke returns to the Batcave to find Mary alone.

Batwoman confronts Alice and removes her cowl. They fight and although Alice has the upper-hand, Ryan gets her in a chokehold. Just as she's going to kill her, Ryan sees her dead mother who doesn't approve of killing. Ryan lets Alice go.

Jacob confesses to Sophie that he knows Catherine did him a favor in telling him that Beth was dead. He won't give up searching for Kate.

Tatiana picks up Alice for the airport.

Ryan wakes up in the Batcave and tells Luke and Mary that she slipped a tracker in Alice's boot. They can follow her to Coryana.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Tatiana: Gotta admit. I didn't think you had it in you. [gets knocked out by Alice]
Alice: You really shouldn't be thinking at all, Tatiana. It's not your strong suit.

Luke: What the hell just happened?
Mary: I'm trying really hard not to seriously freak out right now, but I'm pretty sure the kryptonite just entered her brain.