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A funeral is held for Kate. Javicia writes a farewell to her in the Batcave and dedicates her desert rose to Kate, planting it in the Batcave.

In the sewer prison, Black Mask informs Kate that her family has declared her dead.

Commissioner Forbes is confronted on the steps of the Police Department by a reporter first and then by a citizen wanting to discuss defunding the police. He challenges her to run for his position if she doesn't like how he does things.

Ryan and Mary have breakfast. Mary expresses her gratitude for Ryan in this hard time.

Angelique arrives and asks to talk, to apologize. Mary leaves and Ryan sits down to talk with Angelique. She says that she's getting out of the drugs and wants to be with Ryan.

At the Cartwright Farm, Alice mourns in her own way in her former cell. She hears someone and the door opens to reveal Kate as a child.

On the steps of the Police Department, the Commissioner is gunned down by the False Face Society. The citizen who had confronted him witnesses it and runs. The killers try to find her but are run off by the police.

Roman Sionis makes his appearance with the press when they report the Commissioner's killing. He offers his help to law enforcement. 

Team Batwoman discusses the possible reasons behind the killing.

Sophie orders the Crows into action.

Both teams discover that the video surveillance has been doctored with five minutes scrubbed, causing the body to disappear.

Ryan notes the tagging that had been started and Mary finds the artist's signature through social media. Luke identifies her as Jordan Moore and she's Sophie's sister.

Jordan's hiding in Sophie's car when Sophie gets in. False Faces attack them. Batwoman intercedes.

Jordan gives a desciption but it isn't enough to identify anyone until she mentions that the driver was a woman wearing a bracelet in the shape of a big gold key.

Alice sits down to a tea party with Young Kate.

Ryan confronts Angelique about being the getaway driver. She tells her she knows Batwoman and she needs to testify against the killers.

Ryan argues for Angelique but Luke and Mary are skeptical.

Julia and Jacob discuss the situation in the graveyard. Jacob still believes the plane was brought down. Julia asks he to let it go if she can prove it was just a technical malfunction.

Sophie and Jordan end up in The Hold Up. Jordan tells Ryan that Batwoman's just another suit.

Jordan impresses Ryan with her plans and principles.

Jordan talks to Sophie about her sexuality and points out that Ryan's awesome.

Angelique calls Ryan and Batwoman arrives at the apartment. Unfortunately, there's been a fight and Angelique is gone.

Angelique is unbagged to see a dead False Face hanging in front of her. Black Mask warns her about trying to leave.

Batwoman enters the sawmill but is quickly surrounded and knocked out by a group of False Faces.

She wakes up chained to a sawmill platform and watches as Black Mask sends one of his minions through the blade.

She talks with Black Mask who informs her that his daughter was imprisoned by The Crows and killed by Batwoman.

Black Mask is about to run the saw over Batwoman head when Sophie comes in a saves her. Together, they rescue Angelique.

Angelique confesses to the Forbes murder but Sophie won't accept it since it's false. Angelique insists.

Sophie visits Ryan at the bar and gives her Angelique's bracelet. Ryan's upset but Sophie tells her Black Mask threatened to kill Ryan if Angelique didn't take the fall.

Jordan confronts Sophie about this injustice and Sophie agrees that it's not right.

Julia starts her investigation into the crash with a phone call to National City airport and the person she calls remembers talking with her before but she doesn't remember it at all.

Ryan meets with Mary and Luke and shares three rules for their team. Support, accountability, and the legacy.

Young Kate leads Alice to the grave of her dead cat. She opens the box to find a live cat.

Young Kate points out that she's having a psychotic break which will dissolve into grief eventually. Alice resolves to believe in a world where Kate never existed.

Black Mask brings a woman in to see Kate. She introduces herself as Enigma and takes Kate's necklace.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Your family has declared you dead, Kate Kane. But sit tight. We'll make them believe in life after death.

Black Mask

Like everything good in my life, I thought my time as The Bat was temporary. But it's real now. And I'm not in your shadow anymore. I'm it. I am Batwoman.