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A news reporter is on the scene of Batwoman launching an assault on the False Face Society. She is unable to force a name from one of the drug suppliers. She grabs the reporter's mic and issues a warning to Black Mask.

Jacob hears a radio report on Batwoman, turns it off and is ambushed by a False Face in his backseat.

Jacob flashes back to the day he went to the Cartwright farmhouse but this time, he rescues Beth. He wakes up in his car with a Snakebite injector in his arm.

Luke and Ryan discuss who Black Mask might be.

Ryan goes to prison to visit Angelique. She tells her about the community center and the open house that night. She tries to get Angelique to give up the names of the people who really killed Commissioner Forbes.

At the open house, Jordan Moore thanks everyone, including Mary and Ryan. A reporter from Gotham Gazette asks about security and Imani, the director of the tutoring program, shuts him down with stats about the good that community centers can do.

During the open house reception, Ryan and Imani are talking when a masked man walks in a sets fire to the center with some sort of ray gun.

Luke looks into the reporter, Horten Spence, who turns out not to be a reporter, having been fired six months ago.

Sophie and Julia confer on Julia's memory gaps. A Crow brings a tip to Julia about a break-in at the Cartwright Farm. Julia realizes the tip came from Alice.

Alice confronts Julia in the basement of the farmhouse. She wants Julia's help in finding Enigma. She informs Julia of Enigma's ability to erase and alter memories.

Jacob calls in Dr. Evelyn Rhyme to explain the addictive nature of Snakebite. She explains that it allows users to right their worst mistakes by creating hallucinations based on their worst memories.

She realizes that Jacob's used Snakebite. He explains what happened. She claims he'll need her help to break his addiction.

Horten Spence sneaks into an alley and Batwoman confronts him. He explains that he's been following the story of community centers being targeted.

While they're talking the lights in the alley suddenly flicker and Kilovolt appears and fires on both of them. Batwoman recovers, rushes the attacker, and takes his weapon. She runs back to check on Spence.

Batwoman gets Spence to Mary's clinic.

Luke examines the weapon. He finds a fingerprint and IDs Kilovolt as Michael Kastrinos, aka Mickey K. who has been in prison for the last two years.

Alice and Julia compare notes over their missing memories and the Evelyn Rhyme connection.

Jacob has a session with Dr. Rhyme, discussing Beth's captivity. She advises him to repair his relationship with Mary.

Ryan visits Mickey K. and sees a wound where she cut Kilovolt when she took the weapon. Luke insists that the prison surveillance footage has Mickey K. in his cell the nights of the attacks.

Ryan chats with Angelique while she's still at the prison and asks her about any rumors of a way in and out of the prison. She asks Angelique to trust her with the names of the False Face members who killed the commissioner.

Black Mask kills a member who apologizes for the disrupted production of Snakebite. The recipe is secret and only Ocean and Angelique know it.

Ryan gives the names to Sophie and insists that she get Angelique out.

Luke discovers the surveillance footage has been doctored and that Mickey K. was given early release after the community center attack.

He finds a pattern of criminals being given parole after attacks on community centers. He connects the plot to Ellis O'Brien, the CEO of Edgewater Correctional.

Jacob finds Roman Sionis in his office. Roman claims to have found Snakebite in one of his employee's lockers. Jacob promises to take care of its disposal.

Julia asks Dr. Rhyme about the appointment she doesn't remember. They go into an interrogation room where Julia accuses her of being Enigma and Rhyme sticks her with a needle hidden in her walking stick's handle, knocking her out.

Batwoman finds O'Brien at a construction site. He stalls her until a gang of his men, armed with lightning guns, surround her and fire on her.

The Crows storm the gun range where the commissioner's killers work. They find the bodies of the men hanging on the target hooks.

Batwoman dodges the lightning guns until the gang is taken out by Luke wielding his own weapon.

The truth about O'Brien's plot is reported by the media.

Alice breaks into Rhyme's office. She finds a recording of Jacob's session and hears his confession about wanting to save her as a child. She erases the file and commits to forgetting.

Mary sends Spence off with a lollipop.

Jacob comes to talk to Mary about making the clinic legit. She argues that she runs this clinic to help people he doesn't consider legit.

Sophie stops Julia and asks about her transfer request to Berlin. Julia is sure it's what she wants to do.

Imani shares the good news with Ryan that the community center is good to go. Sophie comes in and tells her that Angelique is being taken into protective custody.

Jacob takes the Snakebite that Roman left with him.

Ryan's on the phone with Angelique when the False Face Society attack her transport and take her prisoner.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Ryan: He told me Batwoman killed his daughter. Seriously, that doesn't shorten the list?
Luke: There is no list. Kate never killed anybody's daughter. Don't forget, he also blames the Crows. I assume, next week, it'll be Aquaman.

You pretty much broke the Internet with your latest False Face takedown. Only thing that would've gotten you more likes is if you'd done it holding a kitten.