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Ryan Wilder is sleeping in her van, dreaming about her mother when flaming debris falling from the sky wakes her up. She rushes out to see a plane crash.

In the Batcave, Luke and Mary are discussing the plane debris and trying to contact Kate.

Ryan finds a man in the debris and flashes back to finding her mother dead and tries to resuscitate him like she did for her mother. He revives. She throws up.

Luke follows the plane data and discovers that it was Kate's plane that crashed.

Ryan finds the Batwoman suit.

Emergency services arrive on the scene and Jacob demands to be allowed to look for his daughter. Sophie backs him up.

Alice watches from a distance.

Luke and Mary arrive at Wayne Tower discussing how Kate could survive the crash if she was in the suit. Tommy, disguised as Bruce Wayne, appears and claims to have come because of the news of the crash.

Mary leaves to check in with Jacob and Luke suggests he and Bruce head to the Batcave. When Bruce doesn't immediately open the secret passage, Luke asks if he's okay. Tommy, as Bruce, covers and asks Luke to lead the way.

Ryan meets with her parole officer. She's currently homeless, unemployed, and has a criminal record.

Julia and Sophie discuss the possibility of finding Kate alive. Sophie asks if Safiya's vendetta on Julia might've put Kate in danger.

Jacob refuses to stop searching for Kate despite the Commissioner's suggestion. Mary comes in and encourages him to hold out hope.

Luke gives Tommy/Bruce a run-down. He reveals that Kate went to National City to ask to destroy their kryptonite so that the suit would remain impenetrable. Tommy notices the suit is missing from the arsenal.

Ryan dons the suit, remembering how she was beaten while her mother died. She takes on some back alley criminals but doesn't know the tech so it's a comedy of errors. She also triggers the suit's tracking system so Luke sees the signal.

Tommy lives Bruce Wayne's playboy lifestyle to the hilt. Alice visits and reveals what her plan had been for Kate and Jacob.

They are interrupted by one of the women Tommy/Bruce had brought home and Alice kills her.

Sophie and Julia find each other at Kate's apartment.

Luke and Mary track the suit down and discover Ryan. Ryan agrees that she's not Batwoman but she won't give the suit back until her mother's killer is dead.

Bruce shows up in Jacob's office and lets him know where to find Alice. Julia catches him on the way out and asks him a few questions which reveal to her that he's not Bruce.

Mary's researching Ryan while Ryan reads about the search for Kate and Kate's background. Mary discovers that the people who killed Ryan's mother were Alice's gang.

Mary identifies with Ryan's need for revenge. Luke blames himself for Kate's death. They are summoned by Julia.

Ryan activates the suit's GPS so they can come get the suit back.

Julia informs Mary and Luke about what "Bruce" didn't remember. She ran his prints from a glass and confirmed that he's Tommy.

Tommy's in the Batcave and sees the GPS signal go live. He finds the Batmobile.

Jacob tracks down Alice at Wayne Manor. Alice tells him that Kate was Batwoman and challenges him to turn on the signal and see if she shows up.

Ryan is awakened by Luke warning her through the Batsuit that someone's coming for her. She jumps up and starts her van, being chased by the Batmobile.  Luke hacks the Batmobile and disables it so Tommy is stuck.

Tommy shoots Ryan with the kryptonite and knocks her down but she plays dead and is able to fight him when he gets close. The van's back doors open and he grabs her plant and smashes the pot which triggers Ryan who overpowers him and smashes his face multiple times. The fake face slips off.

Ryan returns to suit to Luke and Mary. Mary thinks she did a good job.

Julia brings a letter to Sophie, left by Kate in her safe. The letter tells Sophie that Kate was Batwoman and that she lied to keep her safe.

Jacob turns on the signal. Mary cries by herself in bed.

Alice comes across a paper airplane while walking in the subway system. On it, is written,"Consider us even. - Safiyah" She goes and curls up with Mouse's corpse to tell him that she's found new purpose.

Ryan sees the Batsignal from the roof of her van where she talks to her plant like it's her late mother. She checks her kryptonite wound and it looks infected.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ryan: You make it sound like these are all my choices.
Stevens: They are your choices, Ryan. You have the power to turn this around.
Ryan: You want to know why I haven't paid my fines? Because I can't find a job. Because I don't have a home. Because no landlord wants to rent to an ex-con who's post-release. You see how this works? No one cares that the dope wasn't mine or that the Crows were dirty or that I'm actually a decent human. I am a file in your cabinet. That is not having power. That is the very definition of powerless.

Luke: It's been four years, Bruce. Where have you been?
Bruce: If only the answer were as simple as the question, Mini Fox.